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  • Comment on Escher ponny (2011-12-31 10:41:58)
    No, this is worse. But the damn auto-play sound ads that I can't block out are why I'm hitting the road. The pony bullshit just seals the deal.
  • Comment on Gravity and magic at work (2011-12-31 01:09:50)
    No magic. The spring is trying to compress itself as it falls. The bottom is being pulled up toward the top as the top is falling down, the force pulling the bottom down is equal to the force pulling it up, so it "hovers" for a second until it's fully compressed.
  • Comment on T Rex (2011-12-27 10:50:33)
    Pff. It ain't proper fucking biker outrage if you don't fucking cuss.
  • Comment on T Rex (2011-12-26 15:28:31)
    If it has 3 wheels, it's not a goddamned motorcycle, you wuss. Especially with a fully covered chassis like that. Too low to the ground, too. Calling that thing a motorcycle is a fucking insult to real bikers everywhere.
  • Comment on More Hawaiian Food (2011-12-25 17:16:36)
    God I miss Hawaii. And Masu's Massive Plate Lunch. Nom!
  • Comment on kicking trees (2011-12-24 20:41:55)
    Fuck you, Case. And fuck you Tiki for approving these. And again for letting Case out of his box.
  • Comment on Piracy is not theft (2011-12-24 19:59:27)
    There's a difference here: Copying VCR tapes to share with friends is limited by time and material resources. With file sharing, you can "share" it with literally millions of total strangers in minutes. The scale makes all the difference in the world here. ( By the way, it's the Republicans pushing for SOPA and shit. So, who's talking out their ass now? Obama's actually spoken out AGAINST these changes... )
  • Comment on Piracy is not theft (2011-12-23 10:46:20)
    The legal definition of "Theft" is "a criminal taking of the property or services of another without consent ". Note that second one. "Or services". That would cover "taking" someone's intellectual property as well, the service being its creation. Note also that nowhere does it stipulate that the original owner no longer has a "copy" of what was stolen. I'm not going to argue the morality of it, but it IS theft. Stop fooling yourselves, because you're certainly not fooling anyone else.
  • Comment on Pimp my Poo (2011-12-18 20:06:34)
    Okay, as much as some of the OWS movement people are nutcases, THIS sort of idiocy is the core reason behind the protests. A huge number of Americans can barely afford to feed their families, and you got rich fucks with more money than sense buying nonsense like this just so they can shit gold. REALLY?!
  • Comment on 300 ponies (2011-12-18 12:45:14)
    Hey, look. A reason to root for Pokemon
  • Comment on frisbe (2011-12-18 12:34:42)
    The most epic "Come at me, bro!" ever.
  • Comment on "Why I don't have a girlfriend" (2011-12-17 03:11:52)
    Better than the cowards who are too scared to even post with their usual handle.
  • Comment on To Hitch (2011-12-17 02:26:24)
    Okay, I have no clue what's going on here...
  • Comment on Hug (2011-12-16 04:07:22)
    Love the look on the cop's face. "....really?!"
  • Comment on Hand (2011-12-15 03:09:57)
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