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  • Comment on Bullet Riddled Computer (2009-08-08 10:31:30)
    You should try it, it's fun! Old hard drives make great long range targets to test your skill. If you ever get the chance, find and old car to take your AK-47 to, you will not be disappointed.
  • Comment on The Last Airbender (2009-07-10 09:39:50)
    M. Night Shyamalan directing pretty much guarantees a giant pile a of steamy horseshit being splattered against your cineplex's screen. The cartoon actually is pretty good.
  • Comment on United States Army situation map for 2400 hours, 6 June 1944, the first day of the Normandy Landings (2009-06-28 13:35:38)
    If you go to the Library of Congress website you can get every daily situation map from D-Day to surrender, pretty cool stuff.
  • Comment on Justice League (2009-06-03 05:36:24)
    I wonder what Wonder Woman has in store for the Flash? Looks like hog-tying to me
  • Comment on look up (2009-05-20 18:37:20)
    If you want guys to look up, don't wear a dress that hangs your funbags out for the world to see and admire. Its that simple.
  • Comment on Years ago... (2009-03-16 08:37:31)
    As a former sailor I'd like to say this: It's not that sailors like ugly chicks, but after months at sea your standards drop exponentially.
  • Comment on authority (2008-11-15 10:27:35)
    Gee, I don't know. I guess if people didn't question authority then: -priests would still be cornholing young boys and getting away with it -the earth would still be the center of the universe, according to those same priests -slavery would still be kosher -segregation would be the norm -we would be a British colony -First Amendment, who needs it?
  • Comment on Crowded Aircraft Carrier (2008-10-24 11:36:04)
    That's actually a pretty light aircraft load
  • Comment on Atheism - Good Enough For These Idiots (2008-07-31 08:31:04)
    That's not Dawkins in the picture, its Carl Sagan, an atheist. Einstein, an atheist who hated the fact that religious types used his quotes to justify their god. Jefferson was a deist. The common thread is their dislike of organized religion
  • Comment on Chinese Fighter Jet (2008-07-18 06:00:16)
    Looks like an Su-27
  • Comment on Wind Tunnel Test (2008-07-11 09:25:59)
    Where's Jackie Chan?
  • Comment on Guitar Collection (2008-06-02 10:20:22)
    NICE. Are those Warr Guitars standing on the left?
  • Comment on Loud Crash at 3am - Which Do You Grab? (2008-05-30 09:12:51)
    AK-47 uses 7.62*39 rounds, quite different from 7.62 NATO and the AK-74 uses the 5.45. But it looks like both were mentioned above. Me personally, M1911 .45 cal with a Mosing Nagant model 45 Carbine with swing out bayonet as a back-up.
  • Comment on Kids in the Hall (2008-05-28 05:03:29)
    According to a recent interview on the Onion AV Club, they are thinking about doing a new TV show or doing another movie. One can only hope.
  • Comment on Military Motorcycle Squad (2008-05-15 08:41:24)
    Looks like that Army watched Megaforce one too many times
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