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  • Comment on Trump demands names of the congressional Republicans who said they recognize Biden as winner (2020-12-08 12:31:17)
    He wants to add them to his kill list, so when he attempts his coup, you know so he can MAGA and bring freedom to all us oppressed Americans, he can send his jackbooted thugs to recreate what his role model Hitler did on June 30,1934.
  • Comment on Judgement on COVID-19 goes HEAVY METAL Kenneth Copeland Remix I Demand (2020-12-02 11:55:31)
    Copeland is a fucking moron!
  • Comment on Buffalo Police Officers no longer required to display names on badges can wear badge number instead (2020-09-28 16:17:43)
    Just like every Nazi state
  • Comment on Kenosha Mile (2020-09-06 16:07:52)
    Let's make a murderer into some sort of bizarro world hero. Nazi Germany did the same thing, they were called them brown shirts.
  • Comment on Trump Accuses 75-Year-Old Shoved by Buffalo Police on Video of Faking Fall (2020-06-10 08:45:02)
    Trump spewing complete nonsense and siding with jackbooted thugs, is anyone surprised by this?
  • Comment on Trump Accuses 75-Year-Old Shoved by Buffalo Police on Video of Faking Fall (2020-06-10 08:40:17)
    Trump proving again he has no clue what it means to be an American. He is a true Nazi and proves it everyday with his support for the jack booted elements of our society.
  • Comment on we the peope (2020-05-11 12:56:09)
    Classic Trumpeteer!
  • Comment on ICE CREAM (2020-04-24 11:51:21)
    Ice cream is serious business when your a Trumpeteer
  • Comment on Ignoring Virus an IL Church Held Services Now Most of the Congregation is Sick (2020-03-30 18:00:00)
    Doesn't Jim Baker have a cure?
  • Comment on MARIJUANA (2020-03-30 17:01:55)
    Damn, those look beautiful!!!
  • Comment on WATCH (2020-03-20 17:25:05)
    "The way your dad looked at it, this watch was your birthright."
  • Comment on these edibles ain’t shit (2020-02-06 11:17:29)
    About ten years ago, I found a recipe for pot butter. I cooked some up for a smoothie recipe I wanted to try. The recipe called for a quarter cup of pot butter but I had over a cup. Well being the brilliant person I am, I said fuck it and added it all I had no experience with edibles so how bad could it be, lol! OMG I was beyond fucked up, I couldn't even walk and I was screaming to call 911, my exwife, who was the reason I tried this recipe in the first place, got sick and shit herself, not good, lol! Fortunantly, my son in-law took charge, who rented my in-law apt, put us to bed and watched over us until things evened out and we fell asleep. LOL, goodtimes!
  • Comment on Bring Back The Bush (2020-02-02 17:38:09)
    Unscientific poll and I'll start, SHAVED please!
  • Comment on Police UPS (2020-01-12 13:40:00)
    Not to mention, most cops can barely qualify with their weapon and only take it out of it's holster once a year. They are only required to shoot once a year to qualify. Most police have, like most everyone else, no interest in guns and only fire it because they are required to do so for their job. Consequently, most can barely shoot so you get situations like the UPS incident in Florida repeated over and over throughout the country. The guy who shot that guy in the church obviously has a interest in guns and knows how to use it, unlike 90% of the cops walking around with loaded guns! Think about that every time one pulls you over, who more then likely if he/she pulls his/her gun is more then likely going to hit a bystander then the person they are supposedly aiming at. Every police department in the country knows this and knows that better training is required but that costs money, lots of money, so they ignore the problem and pretend it doesn't exist. Until we hold these people, all of these people, politicians included, accountable nothing will change and we will all just wait for the next incredibly stupid, completely preventable, shooting to happen.
  • Comment on Spastic Idiot Florida Police using fellow civilians as cover from a madman with a gun (2019-12-09 10:01:02)
    This is exactly what we get with these poorly trained cops, whose first instinct is to pull their weapon and pull the trigger, knowing full well that all they have to say is "I was in fear of their life" and our militaristic society will give them a pass, no matter who they shoot! Until the police are held accountable for their complete incompetence these situations will never end!
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