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  • Comment on GENTLE REMINDER (2020-09-28 13:30:30)
    sounds like you're wanting a list of all the prize winners and what their fields of expertise are in. sounds like homework for you, not for us.
  • Comment on Right Hand Warning (2020-09-27 16:53:07)
    we still kill lefties in some parts of the US, then cut off their left hand and hang it up as a warning to other devil worshiping lefters.
  • Comment on Yaslen Clemente (2020-09-27 15:15:43)
    something's wrong with your browser if that's all your seeing, I see a young woman in a white shirt and a red bikini thong on her tippy toes, looking with sultry eyes directly into the camera, asking you what's going on.
  • Comment on TRY NOT TO OVERTHINK IT THIS TIME (2020-09-26 19:01:18)
    I already gave them those, but "those aren't policies".
  • Comment on HELLUVA LOT SAFER (2020-09-26 17:37:07)
    > You might want to sit down again for this: this is an image blog how dare you
  • Comment on GENTLE REMINDER (2020-09-26 17:36:06)
    definitely not teachers or mentors, you're missing my point and I'm tired of trying to wedge enlightenment into other people's brains. maybe you need a new pillow? one filled with cocaine perhaps?
  • Comment on MASS MURDER (2020-09-26 17:01:19)
    It really is hard to tell which level of hellish horrors they really do get up to, but this one seems to be true: https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/did-trump-kushner-ignore-blue-state-covid-19-testing-deaths-ncna1235707
  • Comment on TRY NOT TO OVERTHINK IT THIS TIME (2020-09-26 16:57:44)
    Your problem is that you refuse all the answers that you receive, so I give up, you're a lost soul who's just the messenger. What you're saying in this last comment specifically are all lies and they won't be welcome on the site, so keep your nose clean. Biden has campaign offices in all 50 states, most of them paid positions. here's another huge list of policy positions for others to read, I'm aware that you're still saying he has no policies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Biden_2020_presidential_campaign#Political_positions As for your stupendeous statement that he's not doing anything, or at least not enough for your delicate mind, a phrase comes to mind: Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.". I'm not mad at you, I've just labeled you a troll, so congrats and wear it proudly.
  • Comment on TRY NOT TO OVERTHINK IT THIS TIME (2020-09-26 13:24:25)
    this is the kind of conversation that's been happening for decades at this point. You must need to special order hats with how thicc your skull is. Which of these 200 policies do you think aren't policies? we gave you text descriptions, links to them all, and you keep saying 'wah, that's not what I mean' then declare the argument dumb simply because you don't understand what you're being told. Are people phone banking? are you insane to ask that? The Biden campaign is doing historic phone banking, more than any other election, because the Democrats have decided that it's stupid to do door to door canvasing during a global pandemic that's caused the death of over two hundred thousand Americans. Are people campaigning hard? absolutely yes! they've spend more money on campaign efforts than I would have though possible, and have hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank to spend even more. If you haven't seen an official Biden ad yet, I need to know your strategy, because I'm inundated with them. The only people that haven't made up their minds at this point are people that are trolling or part of the deplorables, the people that are ok with forced sterilization, family separations, loss of social security, loss of health care, continued destruction of our planet, and absent responsibilities for their neighbors. Anti-socials to be specific, people that only join up with organizations that tell them how to think and how to feel, organizations that do not give any opportunity to practice constructive reasoning.
  • Comment on Star Trek Fandom Forecast (2020-09-26 12:56:42)
    not everyone had a personal tailor on staff to hand stitch their costumes between every take. some people just have passion, and that's more than enough for me!
  • Comment on GENTLE REMINDER (2020-09-26 12:55:00)
    I think you hit the nail on the head, but only by being completely wrong. Everyone absolutely has to have authorities of some kind in their lives! I'm definitely not going to spend my entire life trying to understand every subject to the Nth degree, and I rely on people that have taken their knowledge to the very cutting edge of their field to tell me the pros and cons of their specific field of expertise. I also trust them to get things wrong from time to time, but be able to explain why they were wrong and why they changed their minds. My Pillow Guy is not one of those authorities. The 81 Nobel prize winners, they are, at least in their respective fields.
  • Comment on Fuck Trump (2020-09-25 14:10:07)
    the only people taking offense to something like this are the types that have to read something like this to get the point across their smooth silky brains.
  • Comment on NEPOTISM (2020-09-24 21:05:12)
    so now you're saying that he came back with the money himself instead of what the report says, which is that a company he founded years prior was being paid for consultant work? Also, it's a settled matter that the aid withholding was not Joe's doing, that was the American position, which was made along with our allies at the time to have a corrupt guy removed from their government.
  • Comment on EVERY SINGLE ONE (2020-09-24 13:20:51)
    You should check again, then try to see how others would see that it's right there.
  • Comment on NEPOTISM (2020-09-24 10:50:43)
    how does nepotism have anything to do with this? if we were talking about the Trump, sure, but Biden had nothing to do with what his kids were up to.
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