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  • Comment on Unwittingly He Trained a Dolphin to Kill the President of the United States (2012-09-05 02:59:36)
    i like how every single one of my comments on anything is automatically getting a thumbs down...hatred is a wonderful thing.
  • Comment on Unwittingly He Trained a Dolphin to Kill the President of the United States (2012-09-04 20:02:31)
  • Comment on I got engaged today (2012-09-04 20:01:21)
    LOL three thumbs down. I suspect Fracked made at least one. I missed you fracked.
  • Comment on pink haired girl (2012-09-04 05:05:47)
    Man, Stephanie got old.
  • Comment on surfer chick with necklace (2012-09-04 04:41:50)
    I seriously do not find this woman all that attractive. THIS DOES NOT SUIT MY OWN INDIVIDUAL TASTES. I demand a woman with long black hair and a "curvy" figure who is no less than 35 years of age.
  • Comment on what jesus thinks of you (2012-09-04 04:36:14)
    WHOA MAN. I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD NOW. FUCK. MIND = BLOWN. Now tell me about santa claus and spaghetti monsters.
  • Comment on Faith=Geography (2012-09-04 04:32:34)
    Or y'know...maybe those who believe and disbelieve leave their respective systems of thought and come to conclusions on their own while rejecting the influence of others. Some people honestly believe that it is impossible for a god to exist and others have become believers through personal experience knowing full well that it could be chalked up to "natural explanations" Who is any of us to accuse another persons belief or disbelief as being in-valid when we have not set foot in their shoes. I can dress up and memorize all of heath ledgers lines from every movie and interview that he ever gave and performed in. I could probably get radical multi-million dollar surgery to look like him. I could even go as far as purchasing and stealing all of his posessions. Does that mean i am heath ledger? No. Christ, Why can't we just embrace our similarities once in a while?
  • Comment on Sin (2012-09-04 04:22:24)
    Sin could be more accurately described as harm against oneself or others. Harm against oneself could range from sleeping with a slutty chick to getting a nickelback tatoo. Against other people could be a lack of charity when one has the means to engage in acts of charity or setting a homeless toddler on fire.
  • Comment on Lmao (2012-09-04 04:19:27)
    Oh and might i add that the healthcare system obama implemented in some serious bullshit. Just who do you think is goin to be supplying these government run hospitals and systems with support and "care?"...Private companies. And for the record i am not a republican. I believe in Charity as much as anyone else, but forcing people to choose between private healthcare and "public" healthcare is about as charitable as telling a homeless man that i will buy him groceries so long as he buys from my pre-approved list of vendors. Or like Reboot once said, "It's like solving the transportation problem by fining people for not owning a car"
  • Comment on Lmao (2012-09-04 04:14:31)
    Republicans depend on market, Democrats depend on government. Either way you lose. No matter where you live in the world you most likely live in a predatory system that offers the illusion of choice.
  • Comment on 4 horsemen (2012-09-04 04:11:41)
  • Comment on I got engaged today (2012-09-04 04:08:51)
    the formatting on this site is all fucked up BTW tiki. i didn't put that many spaces in the last sentence on the first paragraph. Maybe i double tapped my space key though.
  • Comment on I got engaged today (2012-09-04 04:07:42)
    i thought atheists didn't believe in marriage...i know they explode upon sneezing near a church.DEAR GOD DO NOT SNEEZE IN THE CHURCH TIKI. it would be terribly embarrassing. Unless you are going to do one of those lame ass pagan weddings on a beach where you throw flower water on eachother. One of my friends did that. I respect his beliefs, but damn that was lamer than my pastor handing me a handbook for marriage...they ended up getting divorced recently. i got divorced recently too. LOL HOWDOICHRISTIAN?! SERIOUSLY THOUGH My best wishes to you and your future wife. i will pray to the god you do not believe in that your marriage is long, fulfilling, and totally awesome.
  • Comment on MCS just hit 900 likes on the Facebook (2012-06-18 23:27:23)
    Facebook is for the CIA. I use sealed wooden telegrams to keep my data secure. (posted via Blackberry Bush)
  • Comment on wrex looks so damn cute. (2012-05-29 00:43:02)
    im sorry i was so mean. i love you.
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