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  • Comment on nemesis required (2008-10-30 09:42:42)
    This actually sounds like fun. I'd take it.
  • Comment on This Fred Just Took A Turn For The Durst (2008-10-29 22:04:43)
    Those eyes, those soulless eyes.... That picture will haunt me for a long time.
  • Comment on Romantic Espionage Action (2008-10-29 01:11:36)
    If somebody gave me this, I would marry them right then and there, male or female.
  • Comment on Portal Fall (2008-10-29 00:45:29)
  • Comment on Portal Fall (2008-10-29 00:25:26)
    I honestly think Echochrome is infinitely better than Portal in terms of actual puzzles. Although, in all honestly, Portal is fucking hilarious, so it's got that going for it.
  • Comment on sarah palin with vikings (2008-10-29 00:18:13)
    If she didn't pay them tribute by attending their conventions, they'd rape everyone in Alaska.
  • Comment on Minority Report HID (2008-10-27 23:34:27)
    The Hell, diabeetus. Here we have ourselves a perfectly resonable conversation about gluten and you come to ruin everything. Civility is so rare on the Web and you have to piss on it. And entirely unrelated, but seeing as we're on a tangent here anyways: first comment. I feel so speical to have finally registered.
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