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  • Comment on MKVSDC (2008-04-19 16:05:19)
    If you beat the game with Batman, they need to have a special character that gets unlocked. I want to play the game and get to choose THE GODDAMN BATMAN as my character.
  • Comment on Happy St. Patrick's Day (2008-03-20 00:08:32)
    Oh hai I can haz wisconsin thred? Finch, New London is up around the Fox Valley area. This could be New London, MN or New London, IA, but it does look specifically like the town signs we use here in Wisconsin... I'm not sure if that varies from state to state, though.
  • Comment on What Christians Actually Believe (2008-03-19 22:59:50)
  • Comment on Time for a break? (2008-02-13 09:51:20)
    This is in Wisconsin... just south of Milwaukee. And this joke is as old as the Internets.
  • Comment on Men Are Like Coffee (2007-12-07 21:26:45)
    Sorry gents, the Cap'n is right. I have always struggled to remember how it worked, so I try each portion individually in the sentence to see which way works. If we follow your thinking, the sentences would break down like this: The best ones are rich. (Good) The best ones are warm. (Good) The best ones are can keep you up all night long.(Oooh, fail) If you add in the extra "and," your resulting sentences are: The best ones are rich and warm. (Good) The best ones can keep you up all night long. (Winnar!) It helps my programmer brain to think of conjunctions as nesting statements. Besides, even as the line currently is, it's missing a comma; it should be "The best ones are rich, warm, & can keep..." Don't make me get out my Longman's to cite this crap. APA ftw.
  • Comment on Carlos Mensteala (2007-12-02 15:43:32)
    He’s a hispanic comedian from Comedy Central that delivers his other people's punchlines by looking at the camera just like he’s doing in the picture. I went ahead and FTFY.
  • Comment on Map of Florida (2007-11-24 18:49:46)
    AcesAnd8s, I used to live in Pewaukee... I was rocking it at the Saddlebrook Apartments. If you're looking for apartment living, I'd say it's top notch for the area - nothing but good things to say about the folks over there. I just needed to get closer to downtown, otherwise I'd still be living there. Anyway, it's good to see someone else from WI... I was afraid I was the only WI person around, and was going to take a beating about the (cheese)head and shoulders from the MCS folk. :)
  • Comment on Map of Florida (2007-11-24 16:56:33)
    knogoodidleft, unfortunately, I'm about 4 floors above the store, and my windows face the wrong way (the storefront faces East, my apartment faces West). It's still good for shock value when I say my neighbor is a Victoria's Secret store, though.
  • Comment on Map of Florida (2007-11-24 16:34:26)
    Glendale, WI. I live over a Victoria's Secret.
  • Comment on Hong Kong Apartments (2007-10-19 09:41:33)
    AlecDalek ftw. I lol'ed.
  • Comment on Moutain Lion Attack Sign (2007-10-19 09:40:23)
    I ran into a cougar a year or so ago, too. She was in her late 30's and was a doctor. We met at a bar. I ended up back at her place. Good times, good times.
  • Comment on The Game (2007-10-17 09:37:35)
    Even better idea. Instead of playing "The Game," just stab yourself in the face. Anyone who would play it is bound to fail at life anyway, so you're doing us all a favor.
  • Comment on Brick Movie Poster (2007-10-10 14:41:46)
    God damn it. I hate Apple fanboys. The brick joke? Clever. Ruining it by being a smacktard saying "You guys are aware that only unlocked blah blah blah" is just dumb. I'd rather read the mindless religious debates that have become the comment thread du jour around here. OMFG U NO SAY BAD THINGS BOUT APPLE. STEVE JOBS, PLZ HAVE MY BABY. Die in a fire.
  • Comment on Evolution of Britney Spears (2007-10-06 10:12:00)
    What do the 2001 and 2007 pictures have in common? Crazy eyes. She has them. It was only a matter of time until she melted down.
  • Comment on Megan Fox Transformers Wallpaper (2007-09-30 20:49:01)
    "I'm the goddamn Batman" Fixed that for you.
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