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I live to ride my motorcycle long distance.

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  • Comment on Baker Event – Bikini Atoll 1946 (2020-08-12 04:21:41)
    My father was a (minor) part of Operation Castle. He witnessed five nuclear explosions. Later, he lost half a lung to cancer. The government paid him $250K for his troubles.
  • Comment on DAMASCUS (2020-08-11 17:11:24)
    Which one do you like the best?
  • Comment on DESPERATE (2020-08-11 17:09:47)
    What color is the sky in your world, Grannie?
  • Comment on MONSTER (2020-08-10 06:03:48)
    Boris Karloff in The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
  • Comment on Toyota Yaris (2020-08-05 16:45:28)
  • Comment on THE FBI JUST ARRESTED (2020-08-03 23:24:57)
    Bill Clinton did use a woman's vagina as a humidor... so, he could be guilty.
  • Comment on THE FBI JUST ARRESTED (2020-08-03 16:33:23)
    As concerning as the photos of Clinton with are, it's way less concerning than the photos of the guy who is in office NOW. The right is trying the :"WHAT ABOUTISM" bullshit with Clinton- and his behavior does NOT excuse tRump's behavior.
  • Comment on DAMASCUS (2020-08-02 01:46:37)
    You guys really need to watch FORGED IN FIRE. Then, you'll begin to understand.
  • Comment on DAMASCUS (2020-08-01 16:44:44)
    Well, first of all, I had to add to my collection of DAMASCUS KNIVES because one of you bitched about my posts... like you did just now! SOOOO.... I will download an additional 100 photos of awesome DAMASCUS KNIVES JUST. FOR. YOU!! Congratulations!
  • Comment on DOG (2020-07-28 16:13:40)
    Well said. I couldn't agree more. LMFAO.
  • Comment on this car (2020-07-28 01:26:06)
    I rode in a Checker on a long trip when I was in the Boy Scouts. It is an amazingly comfortable car, and the leg space was incredible. And, a cool thing about them is that the rear fenders bolt on and off. They're not welded on like a typical quarter panel.
  • Comment on EARTH (2020-07-28 01:02:38)
    I honestly do not think that those idiots are basing the Flat Earth Theory on any type of science, reasoning, or common sense. I doubt they've ever looked at the Sun or the Moon.
  • Comment on CONCEPT (2020-07-27 20:51:48)
    Your eyes do not deceive you, sir. That is a clay model. Often they would try different designs on either side. Do you see anything that was put into production?
  • Comment on GREENLAND Trailer 2020 (2020-07-27 01:07:08)
    That's how 2020 will end. Right after Yellowstone explodes and Godzilla attacks.
  • Comment on boat things (2020-07-26 22:23:34)
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