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  • Comment on MCS TAKEN BACK (2014-07-31 12:42:57)
    But wasn't it "proven" that this isn't casemods? http://www.myconfinedspace.com/2014/07/29/sitting-at-home/#comment-1703968
  • Comment on UNSC (2014-07-30 18:26:53)
    Good boy.
  • Comment on slap (2014-07-25 21:33:21)
    That'll learn 'im.
  • Comment on Modern Feminism in a nutshell (2014-07-25 21:26:52)
  • Comment on coward card (2014-07-25 13:21:18)
    Seriously, I mean, what is he/she gonna do, wait by the fucking car all day? That said, I dislike the cards. They're funny and affirming for about five seconds before you realize they're kind of assholish. Just telling someone they suck without explaining why accomplishes nothing more than making you feel a surge of phantom power --and has a way of backfiring. I'd rather just make up & use cards with a checklist, and check off what they're doing wrong: covering two spaces, more than a foot away from the curb, diagonally across lines, double parking while taking your sweet time, etc. etc. You also have to consider the ebb & flow of parking space before judging someone. In the city, on-street parking is at a premium, and everybody takes chances. 'Too close to someone's bumper' or 'not leaving enough space for another car' might not necessarily be that person's fault. My personal peeve is 'between 3 to 6 feet from the edge of a driveway, fucking up the spacing down the rest of the street and not leaving enough for even a Mini Cooper or a motorcycle.'
  • Comment on Know your gnosticisms (2014-07-25 11:16:11)
    Oh that would be the Stone/Fink/AlecDalek Karma Konsortium, hellbent on prolonging his War on Reason by embracing the same childish rating antics he claims to be a victim of.
  • Comment on Libertarianism (2014-07-24 00:56:55)
    ^^^This guy gets it.
  • Comment on Cure a Feminist (2014-07-23 13:35:02)
    ^^^2 accounts, 1 crybaby. :D
  • Comment on Cure a Feminist (2014-07-22 16:22:32)
    ^No rebuttal, just hurt feelings.
  • Comment on ice (2014-07-21 23:38:34)
    Some folks here could certainly use more balls.
  • Comment on Cold Hard Fact (2014-07-21 23:36:03)
  • Comment on red (2014-07-21 23:32:38)
    What a shame for you. Stop trying so hard.
  • Comment on red (2014-07-21 22:49:52)
    Some guys just hate ALL women, no matter how hot.
  • Comment on I am the one who nags (2014-07-21 22:46:46)
    What, white people?
  • Comment on Know True Evil: Communism (2014-07-21 22:44:11)
    Pfft. Mao killed WAY more than that.
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