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  • Comment on System of a Down (2009-07-23 13:06:52)
    I don't think this is funny since it doesn't make any sense at all. I mean, there is no "system" evidenced in the photograph, thus the joke falls flat and dies. However, I would like to say that I love kids with Down's. They're so enthusiastic about everything and incapable of being manipulative or braggarts. Seriously, I prefer special needs kids to the spoiled, screaming, kicking, violent, self-indulgent, self-entitled bullshit monkey children being raised today. If your child doesn't have special needs, s/he's probably an asshole.
  • Comment on Ip Man (2009-07-22 19:35:51)
    Is English your first language or are you just, you know, a little bit slow? It's okay. You can tell me.
  • Comment on Kiss by Tanya Chalkin (2009-07-14 11:13:54)
    It's a good thing neither woman cares what straight men think about how they look. Personally, I'd be the meat in that sammich any day of the week.
  • Comment on Isabel Lucas vs. Megan Fox (2009-07-05 11:30:59)
    Neither. I'm so not a fan of girls who look oily and glittery. Someone like Jenny Lewis (from The Wizard and Foxfire) is hot. Lip gloss stick bugs, not so much.
  • Comment on 101 Things To Make With Human Skin (2009-07-04 13:33:33)
    in before Silence of the Lambs reference?
  • Comment on NIN concert (2009-07-03 20:11:31)
    A guy I met while waiting for a table at a restaurant offered to sell me 4 tickets to a sold out show in Toronto and I said no. I am teh lame.
  • Comment on Danger! Use Condom. (2009-06-29 13:23:45)
    Uh, we're all aware you can still get an STI from oral contact, right?
  • Comment on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2009-06-23 16:56:38)
    Yeah, it's a totally new story and has nothing at all to do with the books. Which makes me so sad. Still. It's Alice. Sort of.
  • Comment on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2009-06-23 13:16:51)
    If this isn't awesome, I'm going to shave Tim Burton's head while he sleeps.
  • Comment on Ctrl + V (2009-06-19 20:43:25)
    Delaware That's what's in my clipboard. I lol'd when I hit CTRL-V is far more awesome than, dieA.
  • Comment on ellen portia wedding (2009-06-19 20:35:41)
    @ gor: Hitting people on the ass in public is fantastic. Anyone who thinks that's bad manners doesn't deserve to get slapped. Wait. @DieA: I hit on everyone. I'm a tremendous flirt. My girlfriend hates it but it's genetic or something. Where do you live??
  • Comment on ellen portia wedding (2009-06-19 07:36:18)
    You hush. I hit on Tiki, too. I'm all about equality.
  • Comment on ellen portia wedding (2009-06-18 18:05:24)
    I knew what you meant. I didn't include atheists or agnostics (i.e. me) because I didn't want to lump them in with child molesters and assholes. I also don't see how marriage is a religious thing. You can be married by a court official so how is it anything to do with ze bible? You're smart. Tell me things.
  • Comment on ellen portia wedding (2009-06-18 09:14:39)
    I still want to know how being gay should mean I'm somehow a second class citizen while pedophiles, rapists, criminals, murderers and assholes all have the right to marry, provided they're straight. Anyone that has a problem with who I sleep with has an issue of their own to deal with and should stay the christfuck out of my bedroom, thank you. The joke here is that the rights will come when all of the idiots protesting those rights are dead. People evolve. Society evolves. Twenty years from now, people will look at protesters of gay marriage the way we look at bigots and racists now.
  • Comment on Friday Points of Interest (2009-06-16 15:23:57)
    Aw, if you're bored, I am well-read, articulate and possess bewbz, Tiki.
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