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I like music, and movies, food, cars, and guns, not in that order.


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  • Comment on US Disaster Hotspots (2008-02-13 20:57:44)
    *sniff* and you still have time to post rants here.
  • Comment on Bush's 9/11 Plan (2008-02-13 18:13:46)
    Caio: Yeah, fucking checks and balances and shit. Like that Louisiana guy who had like $90k in his freezer? Wtf, uhhh, that sounds totally legit, move along. Anyway, I'm not 100% thrilled with the government, but it's far better than a lot of them out there. As long as government = power, then government will also = corruption. None of them will ever be perfect.
  • Comment on Bush's 9/11 Plan (2008-02-13 18:10:53)
    Considering this is an internet argument, yes, pissing match applies. Neither of us (well me for sure, I'm only assuming you) has any direct effect on the government, and, even if 9/11 truthers manage to convince EVERYONE that 9/11 was a conspiracy, how do we go about changing the world with that knowledge? Also, I know this is going to spark another long-winded response, but, how does the president commit treason? Threaten suicide? High crimes seems like another thing that could be a bit iffy in the wording. That's like my mom saying "don't do anything bad." Sort of a general wording meaning that it's open to interpretation. And, it wasn't the fact that he got a BJ in the oral office, it was 1) He was married, and, I wouldn't put up with that shit from my spouse (from my wife, if you want to get fuzzy on the logistics, or if I was a woman, from my husband) and 2) he lied to the *entire* world about it (not open for debate, and his infidelity/illicit affairs have happened on several occasions). I kinda lost my train of thought. I'm sure it'll come back to me.
  • Comment on Bush's 9/11 Plan (2008-02-13 17:38:44)
    It's not my reading skills, it's the fact that I'm forced to read some extremely long diatribe from someone who clearly has no grasp on reality, but chooses to hold onto some fleeting hope that, what, I'm not even sure what the end result of 9/11 truthers want. Do they want the government to admit they blew up the twin towers so that we could go to war? Not gonna happen, even if it's true (and it's not). Or perhaps...I don't get it. I like reading, but I prefer fiction, because it's 1) less controversial, and thus less likely to get into pissing matches like this, and 2) far more interesting characters.
  • Comment on Bush's 9/11 Plan (2008-02-13 17:31:45)
    Well, at least I didn't have to read a college thesis this time.
  • Comment on US Disaster Hotspots (2008-02-13 17:29:32)
    Paul: Actually, I think Ciao was responding to Guswut, but, in response to you, my stance does not change, I simply do not type out every single thought and belief I have, because I don't care to try and help you understand how I think or what my positions on every single thing ever, I am merely trying to get across enough of my point to help show my viewpoint. Also, I didn't claim the past was better, I merely said that I wished I lived when the world was a better place, and gave the example of 50s TV as AN EXAMPLE of what a "better world" looks like. Plus, links to websites mean absolutely nothing to me, thanks to the internet being a place that anyone can do anything they want. But have fun being a fucktard. WHEEEE!
  • Comment on Powerizers (2008-02-13 17:11:48)
    Not yet, he isn't sucking his own dick. THAT'S when someone has triumphed.
  • Comment on Zergling Rush! (28 Weeks Style) (2008-02-13 16:29:56)
    28 Days Later was a great change on the classic "zombie film", with a little different take on what zombies are.However, 28 Weeks Later was a bit weak. I thought the fact that two stupid kids snuck/sneak (?) out of a military compound (or a town under military guard) is pretty stupid, considering how they JUST manage to escape. And, then they find their mother (good idea, we don't have a pic of our dead mum, so let's go get one from our house in an unsafe zone) isn't infected (yeah, what a chance find) so lets bring her back. Nothing bad can happen..... Then it just gets worse. Overall, it was ok, but a few key points when I watched it just rubbed me the wrong way.
  • Comment on Bush's 9/11 Plan (2008-02-13 16:27:22)
    #32: you counldnt even name one of the family members, let alone know what their respective careers or areas of expertise are. No, I couldn't, except for Cindy Sheehan. Which is more than I want/need to know. #33: the annihilation defies the laws of physics UNLESS it was artificially exploded. Yeah, no shit. Good catch. #34: Rule 34?
  • Comment on Bush's 9/11 Plan (2008-02-13 15:40:41)
    i call bullshit. “all” the evidence does NOT indicate otherwise. All the EVIDENCE does, what nutjobs and psychos cull together to support their ridiculous claims isn't evidence, it's a lack of evidence that they think suggests some massive conspiracy. So which is it, is President Bush a bumbling simpleton who can't even give a speech without clusterfucking the English Language, or is he a brilliant military mastermind?
  • Comment on Bush's 9/11 Plan (2008-02-13 15:37:42)
    Also: "Professor Steven Jones points out that the total annihilation of the building, core columns and all, defies the laws of physics unless it was artificially exploded" So, Professor Steven Jones says that artificial explosions CAN defy the laws of phsyics?
  • Comment on Bush's 9/11 Plan (2008-02-13 15:35:48)
    "and what about the 9/11 families that think the official story is bullshit?" I'm sure they're all trained in building construction, and demolition, and aren't being puppeteered by nutjobs like you exploiting their emotions for TV sensationalism.
  • Comment on Bathroom Signs (2008-02-13 14:34:02)
    I'm wondering if they're going to make me lean like that, it just seems like it would be bad for my back. And, am I allowed to use my hands (to hold my junk)? Because, I aim better when I get support.
  • Comment on US Disaster Hotspots (2008-02-13 14:27:09)
    "While ‘bringing the fight’ to them is a great idea when THEY have a set location, in the current case of ‘terrorism’ being our enemy we really have no where to take the fight to." Guess what, Guswut? We (America and allies, etc) just (well, just being like 5 years ago when we first invaded Iraq) MADE the location. Yeah. That just happened.
  • Comment on Thank God That I'm a What?! (2008-02-13 13:58:26)
    I think you mean lightish red.
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