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  • Comment on cyborg war (2011-09-04 14:32:03)
  • Comment on burning god (2011-09-04 14:31:39)
    Just tossing it out there, this is the living saint of the Sisters of Battle. It's not Kayle because she lacks her sword and the halo kinda gives away the 40k elements.
  • Comment on londonandrews (2011-05-25 15:36:03)
  • Comment on Ross fitting room (2011-04-18 01:06:40)
    I hadn't been on here in about a month or two, decided to check in. I remember now why I stopped coming here. I can go other places on the internet or amusing images without this narcissistic fuck ruining everything.
  • Comment on It's time for....BABY OWL IN A HAT (2011-03-10 10:09:17)
    I also just realized that I have the original of this picture without the hat saved to my desktop because it was my favourite picture of them I found. Convenient.
  • Comment on It's time for....BABY OWL IN A HAT (2011-03-10 10:08:00)
    Anytime, I've always thought they were amazing and wanted one as a pet. Thought I'd share the love. Interesting sidenote: their defensive mechnism is to sit as still as possible and assume you haven't seen them, so people sometimes almost walk face first into them. Because of this they seem excessively tame and you can get a really good look at them in the wild, if you can find one that is.
  • Comment on It's time for....BABY OWL IN A HAT (2011-03-10 01:39:51)
    That's not a baby. It's a saw-whet owl. They are tiny and adorable like this always. This makes them the best.
  • Comment on X-Wing on Patrol (2011-02-07 16:41:39)
    I'm gonna side with the Z-95 Headhunter vote.
  • Comment on Cthulhu Chair (2011-01-21 18:09:12)
    I have no idea what you guys are talking about, it's clearly Brendan Fraser. Man is he a great actor. Look at him go.
  • Comment on Quit Your Job, Like A Boss (2011-01-17 12:13:56)
    I think chlorinated gene pool is one of the most creative insults I've heard in a long time, it's truly a thing of beauty.
  • Comment on space cat (2011-01-16 20:38:55)
    Is it sad that when I first watched this movie, I was more worried for the cat than anyone else?
  • Comment on Dragon ball z (2011-01-10 13:50:38)
    Screw Goku, this guy totally saved everything and was awesome beyond words. Also, it's fun as hell to beat someone playing as Goku with him in any of the DBZ fighting games.
  • Comment on Brain sizes (2011-01-10 13:49:48)
    I love these self-fulfilling posts. All the little racists pop up to prove the point.
  • Comment on Sharp-shinned hawk (2011-01-06 18:03:01)
    I love these guys. One perches on the feeder in my parent's backyard. or is it a cooper's hawk? I forget, whichever is the bigger one.
  • Comment on more black cops actual in game screen shots (2011-01-03 11:56:12)
    I really don't give a shit about what your computer is capable of you god damn parasite infested show off. Take your mouth-breathing fanboyism to somewhere that cares. Because a team of expert animators can accomplish something, and the guys who design and make the parts of your computer allow them to accomplish that, does not in any way validate your continued living or immensely inflated ego. Holy shit get over yourself. It pleases no one and will leave you alone and bitter.
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