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I can't explain and I won't even try.


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  • Comment on Boat (2015-11-04 09:34:26)
    I'd be way too freaked out to ever do something like that.
  • Comment on Superman's Penis (2015-02-07 19:43:49)
  • Comment on Code Monkey Wallpaper (2015-01-14 21:20:14)
  • Comment on Karl Marx (2015-01-14 01:48:40)
    What exactly do you mean by ended in failure? Communism allowed China and Russia to move away from being almost solely agrarian based economies to industrially based economies, same with Vietnam to a lesser extent. At the very least I would call it a useful stepping stone for advancing infrastructure. The only country where you might have a point is Cuba, but that's only because the USA embargoed most of the trade to there, so it's a really terrible example. Even then, their HDI is still pretty high, relatively close to the Western World's, and they also had the added benefit of producing less CO2 emissions because they couldn't afford enough oil. Honestly, the Western World might end up copying some parts of their agricultural system simply because they were able to create a decentralised system that requires far less energy to maintain and produces less CO2.
  • Comment on a knight in shining armor (2014-12-28 07:24:29)
    Are you sure it isn't a play on words? That's how I interpreted it.
  • Comment on Austrailia is known for it's pedophilla (2014-11-26 09:57:46) The ACB never came directly out and confirmed that they were banning all women with small breasts from porn, but gave lots of really vague answers about how they were banning actresses that looked underage, but it seems like breast size would be one of the things that they would focus on for this. We've got some very censor-happy conservatives over here; if you give them an inch they'll take it a mile. Small tits aren't really my thing, but I don't like the idea of giving the conservatives any power trips.
  • Comment on Austrailia is known for it's pedophilla (2014-11-26 02:39:24)
    This is actually true, the internet kind of makes the law bit redundant though.
  • Comment on Putin on Obama (2014-10-05 14:18:09)
    Yes, we all know that anything that doesn't completely conform 100% to your viewpoint is because of a liberal conspiracy of bias, we've seen you post that blog before.
  • Comment on He's mine now! (2014-09-30 02:05:55)
    Damn you ISIS!
  • Comment on MCS TAKEN BACK (2014-07-31 13:21:13)
    How do we know this is the real casemods? You should post a whole spamload of selfies in shit clothing to prove this is really you.
  • Comment on Martin's women (2014-07-25 03:56:58)
    He has a point you know...
  • Comment on The Internet - First Post (2014-07-12 06:58:04)
    This speaks to me on a personal level.
  • Comment on Fixed NSFW - completely hosed the rest of the site (2014-06-17 16:12:22)
    I can't submit new images at the moment.
  • Comment on climate disruption name argument (2014-06-02 10:59:14)
    What a load of bullshit, the term "climate change" has existed since 1955, when it was first used by Professor Gilbert Plass. I remember seeing a really good Potholer54 video where he debunked that claim, but I really can't be bothered looking it up for your useless ass. Heres a different, less detailed video about it: Here's a different potholer54 video that also covers the false claim that the Earth is cooling rather than warming:
  • Comment on you need both of these (2014-06-01 14:48:45)
    Classic Tiki
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