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  • Comment on guns, guns, guns (2013-02-24 22:38:49)
    Sadly, I have to agree. 2 had everything the first one had, but was missing some spark that would have made it perfect. I picked up my copy on the midnight release and am almost about to finish my first complete playthrough. Just kept hoping for that one great side quest reward or fun touch to drive me to play more. As it stands the drive is only barely there. Also note: (as veiled as can be spoiler) Killing one of the Characters from the first game seems impossible, given how many times they were brought back when I was controlling them. And if Jack could revoke the digistruct insurance then why do I still respawn. D'oh!
  • Comment on jigglepuff teamfortress (2012-12-31 20:48:10)
    Those are Kirbys. Or is it spelled Kirbies... Kirbi? However we spell it those are multiple copies of Kirby.
  • Comment on The Monkeys (2012-10-29 20:05:39)
    And this is just a step in Dragonball's evolution...
  • Comment on marvel superheroes (2012-09-27 15:43:50)
    Above and to the left of Luke Cage.
  • Comment on congrats on the sex (2012-05-20 18:55:45)
    I suspect that this cake is a lie...
  • Comment on Bill Murray and Girls Generation (2012-03-19 07:01:09)
    I'd say the one on his left and in front of him looks uncomfortable...
  • Comment on shut up (2012-03-13 04:09:10)
    Gotta love BBC Sherlock.
  • Comment on HAPPY DOG (2011-08-15 16:42:14)
    Bender's Big Score. It does make this episode much less hurtful, but maybe also less poignant. It still makes me happy to have more done with Seymour.
  • Comment on JACK (2011-08-07 20:28:57)
    Still one of my daughter's favies...
  • Comment on 14.3 trillion (2011-08-07 20:21:09)
    Bush was black? Huh, guess that makes him the first black president.... :P
  • Comment on This is what you look like right now (2011-07-13 06:28:40)
    I'm checking this on my iPad way off.
  • Comment on disney princesses (2011-06-30 23:37:58)
    I think, if this is the one I saw on deviant art then the artist says that is indeed Mrs Swan. I'm away from home on a mobile or I'd try to find a link.
  • Comment on nerf armory (2011-06-30 23:22:13)
    My daughter WILL have something akin to this when she is at appropriate age. She's only a bit over a year and she "has" 2 nerf guns (the ball launchers from last year because she likes to chase the ammo), her nerf Mjölnir, and a Captain America frisbee shield.
  • Comment on miley cyrus - lace (2011-06-30 23:08:04)
    Is it just me, or is she starting to look like the Olson twins did right before the implosion? Shame on all accounts, they all end up so broken that they aren't even cute at the end. This one we look all crack-whore soon enough.
  • Comment on sexy lady (2011-06-23 18:56:06)
    The episode when she does the Russian thing. That is all.
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