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  • Comment on Never Underestimate the Power (2017-10-08 18:30:11)
    Kinda my point...
  • Comment on Never Underestimate the Power (2017-10-08 00:55:38)
    Or titling a song Ironic and not including a single example of literal irony. Seriously, I'm beginning to think we were trolled.
  • Comment on christmas decorations (2015-12-09 00:27:11)
    Can I add that so many of the traditional decorations were lifted from other religions? Xmas tree, yule log, stockings, and the like come from pagan religions. Fuck it, it's all about the family anyway.
  • Comment on Northern Mythology (2015-07-23 02:27:37)
    This is actually how I feel sometimes. I honestly think there are better morality tales and lessons in comics than religions, and less bad examples.
  • Comment on Cat Warrior (2015-04-26 10:23:35)
    Now I want to see this cat in an Iron Man HUD.
  • Comment on Yes I'm Tall (2015-03-29 15:17:34)
    I'm only tall until the real tall people come out (6'2") but even I get tired of the stock tall people conversations. I can totally see how someone at 6'8" would feel. I think, in America anyway, it stems from our cultural inclination that silence is awkward and something to be filled with verbal white noise.
  • Comment on Chibi Civil War (2014-12-24 21:19:53)
    This is babies Avengers vs X-men. Still cute.
  • Comment on Lack of planning on your part does not constitute and emergency on my part (2014-11-29 22:46:03)
    NobleK pretty much said it. Access can be had in case of "emergencies" but generally we leave each other's digital life alone. That being said my wife sucks at making secure passwords and I am the family tech so I know almost everyone's password by invite or having designed them. And my wife knows most of mine, she'd just have to try a few combinations.
  • Comment on Watchdogs Wallpaper (2014-11-23 17:08:22)
    All my research points to it handling like a GTA clone, well you know add the games unique flavor to GTA anyway. I haven't bought it yet, but will at some (bargain bin) point.
  • Comment on Original Galactica (2014-03-06 22:15:59)
    I remember playing with models my uncle made... so sorry uncle. Never hurt them mind you, but still a no no.
  • Comment on united states high speed rail system (2014-02-11 04:07:46)
    Ticket to Ride?
  • Comment on Buckles!!!! (2014-01-24 17:28:02)
    The same people most likely hated Hansel and Gretel. These movies are great in the same vein as bad sci-fi and horror movies of the past. Great mindless entertainment that if you watch with friends you're not pissed when you talk through the entire film, that like half the fun.
  • Comment on Luigi (2014-01-14 13:24:26)
    This is awesome.
  • Comment on Nip slip (2014-01-02 02:35:07)
    Devil Hunter Yoko. Great series, mild T&A.
  • Comment on pip up the book and turn to page 45 (2013-07-23 21:35:43)
    Terrible news: The closest book was a graphic novel... After manually counting to page 45 it had no dialog.
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