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  • Comment on Ash & Griffin Pottery (2019-10-25 17:32:56)
    That's the Kansas City Renaissance Faire in Bonner Springs, Kansas. I own some pieces of pottery from that exact shop. No idea why anyone would be surprised or interested in someone dressed as Link at a Ren Fair...
  • Comment on 500 Million Dollars Later (2019-10-25 17:26:36)
    Well, it's been two years, lets hear WizJob sound off some more on how bad Hillary Clinton is...
  • Comment on 'The Man In The High Castle' and how Amazon can't get their shit together (2015-01-25 15:29:57)
    Watched it through the Amazon app on my sony blue-ray and again on an iPad. Couldn't get it to play on my regular computer. Great show, lots of potential. Hope that Amazon makes it a regular series and doesn't pass it up because they've made it so hard to vote. I didn't realize there was a separate page for voting until I found this MCS post.
  • Comment on small computer big package (2015-01-25 14:21:59)
    My custom desktop crapped out yesterday and I needed something immediately, so I bought a replacement at Best Buy. First one (quickly returned) was a HP pavilion that looked just like that. No expansion slots of any kind, no ports, not even an extra memory slot. Just one SATA plug. No way to upgrade it. Plus the back of the case smooth, so you can't even put a new Mobo in there. It that was $500 gets you these days? Swapped it for a dell, which actually looks like a computer on the inside... Who needs a gigantic empty box? Returned
  • Comment on segway x2 (2010-11-20 17:14:56)
    That's the one that killed the owner of the company, right?
  • Comment on Drunken Railway Track Builders Results (2010-11-13 15:29:59)
    I've seen ground movement displace sidewalks and roads, but you'd think the adjoining roadway would have also suffered some distortion... Probably some issue related to the soil and bedrock...
  • Comment on fag sign (2010-11-03 19:29:57)
    Yeah... I got a couple boxes of FAG bearings in my basement shop. They are equivalent to SKF bearings in quality and precision.
  • Comment on The United States Of Movies (2010-11-02 19:44:35)
    Well, thanks to things like French Long-Lots and Spanish Land Grants, not everything west of the 13 original colonies (aside from Texas) complies with the PLSS. I can scarcely imagine what the west would loot like if they applied their long-lot system beyond Illinois... Probably a lot like Quebec. There is some particular weirdness along the 5th Principle Meridian where the PLSS (Township and Range) system was warped thanks to a local magnetic anomaly. Imagine a Section 2 mile long, and shaped like parallelogram.
  • Comment on Is Google a Monopoly? (2010-11-01 20:45:55)
    What the heck?! It's been days since the pictures have been visible. what is going on?
  • Comment on Circle Puzzle (2010-10-23 20:03:23)
    oh, I see it. Derp.
  • Comment on Apocalypse Rejection Letter (2010-10-22 20:23:27)
    Yeah... I like the sentiment, but "Decimate" means kill every 10th person in line. So that like a 90% survival rate. That's kinda lame for an Apocalypse...
  • Comment on "Soon, my love" (2010-10-21 19:23:07)
  • Comment on Advertised vs. Actual (2010-10-10 00:40:13)
    I suspect the libel laws in the UK result in better looking food...
  • Comment on Edible Reasons Why I Love Where I Live (2010-10-02 09:05:10)
    Schlafly (and not that nutbag Phyllis either). Imo's is basically slime on a crispy piece of cardboard.
  • Comment on I smoked pot (2010-09-09 21:28:30)
    It'd be more effective if that was a full-on Sandwich Board made of 3/4" MDF...
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