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  • Comment on Kirby Fortress (2008-03-23 20:36:46)
    Would be an awesome mod!
  • Comment on Tomb Raider: Legend (2008-03-23 20:35:42)
    I actually Enjoyed this game.
  • Comment on Steyr Pistol (2008-02-28 11:54:53)
    Oh, and any Springfield XD is a quality gun. I love the XD 9mm and .45 ACP.
  • Comment on Steyr Pistol (2008-02-28 11:53:20)
    If you would study early American Politics, such as reading the Federalist Papers, or the philosophy of natural rights you would understand why I buy guns. Also the episode on Gun Control, from the show Penn and Teller Bullshit! is another good one. Owning a gun for me is practicing my rights, and a form of security from my government and the people that are willing to take my property.
  • Comment on Indiana Jones 4 photo (2008-01-22 00:28:17)
    "No, No, No, No, No, No" -Shia Labeouf
  • Comment on 1000 words (2008-01-22 00:25:50)
    May by there only pushing it because they made it stop for the checkpoint and the engine died.
  • Comment on I am Legend Movie Stills (2008-01-08 03:28:41)
    Hancock looks good, his next summer movie.
  • Comment on Zombie Survival Kit (2007-12-26 16:34:20)
    The G36 and the M-16 both use the same caliber, so its in no way more "powerful", but it may be more reliable, H&K make great firearms.
  • Comment on Impressive Gun Collection (2007-12-02 20:37:43)
    Most of those guns look like air-soft.
  • Comment on Nerf - Serious Business (2007-12-02 14:49:57)
    I actually bought one of these, I also own several real firearms, but while in college this is the closest I could have in my room to a real one. Can't even have air-soft in our dorms.
  • Comment on Fantasy World Map (2007-11-30 03:29:30)
    It isn't Warhammer, Warhammers geography looks almost like earth.
  • Comment on HL1 Engine Games (2007-11-19 11:28:45)
    Although I am a fan of UT2K4.
  • Comment on HL1 Engine Games (2007-11-19 11:27:54)
    UT.....No, HL1 was based on the quake engine at the time and was great, but I do love me some Source, except for counterstrike.
  • Comment on Warhammer 40k Bolter (2007-11-18 17:14:59)
    Thats a painted up Nerf gun.
  • Comment on Rudy 9/11 '08 (2007-11-15 01:42:20)
    He's the same as them, sadly if it's rudy and one of the dem's it's going to be worse then a turd sandwich versus a douche bag. I'd like to see a libertarian win, but the closest to that is Ron Paul so thats who I'm supporting,
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