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  • Comment on busty topless pool girl (2019-01-09 00:45:23)
    Or E. Honda Cosplay, in this universe.
  • Comment on throw out the package (2018-10-27 19:58:15)
  • Comment on throw out the package (2018-10-27 19:55:51)
    I don't know... I mean, if you already know to puncture the top and microwave on high for 3 minutes, then stir, microwave for 2 and then let sit... it means you have the complete absence of cooking knowledge. You have frozen food knowledge. The knowledge of sadness.
  • Comment on TMNT wallpaper (2018-10-09 00:29:29)
    So you're more of a traditionalist when it comes to talking turtles with martial arts skills? Apparently the new TMNT eat avocados instead of pizza.
  • Comment on Marvel Studios Back Pain (2018-09-26 17:31:20)
    Finally, a superhero I can relate to.
  • Comment on Dakota Fanning Pulling a Luggage Cart in New York City - 8-23-18 (2018-09-19 07:46:46)
    Everyone is too busy staring at her nipples to ask why it takes two people and a luggage cart to carry a purse.
  • Comment on that one tall friend (2018-09-13 21:12:48)
    https://www.volleyball.ca/en/athletes/aidan-lea cool cat
  • Comment on Monster Farm Truck (2018-09-13 15:15:28)
    After a life fighting crime, Batman took up farming.
  • Comment on Dallas officer goes home to wrong apartment kills man inside (2018-09-08 21:30:22)
    Psychic prediction: It was premeditated. She was a jilted lover, shot him, then chugged a bottle of whiskey so her pals at the PD could draw blood and show she was off her rocker.
  • Comment on kitten butt (2018-09-05 22:48:16)
    Thank you - gotta go study
  • Comment on kitten butt (2018-09-03 19:00:50)
    Need more info. Research purposes.
  • Comment on Happening in Little Rock AR right now with special thanks to Senator Jason Rapert (2018-08-22 18:48:45)
    I approve
  • Comment on Cross Posts from other websites (2018-08-21 21:40:50)
    Took a peek at Crutch of the Weak and I gotta say, anytime someone erects a Baphomet statue in Little Rock I think you can cross-post here.
  • Comment on Tiki Asks: What would you do if you didn't have to worry about life essentials? (2018-08-21 21:34:40)
    I call your three worlds and raise you four: China and India don't belong in the same category as Liberia or the Congo. Bill Gates (via Hans Gosling) on "Why I want to stop talking about the “developing” world" breaks the 4 levels down: One billion people live on level 1. This is what we think of as extreme poverty. If you’re on level 1, you survive on less than $2 a day and get around by walking barefoot. Your food is cooked over an open fire, and you spend most of your day traveling to fetch water. At night, you and your children sleep on a dirt floor. Three billion people live on level 2, between $2 and $8 a day. Level 2 means that you can buy shoes and maybe a bike, so it doesn’t take so long to get water. Your kids go to school instead of working all day. Dinner is made over a gas stove, and your family sleeps on mattresses instead of the floor. Two billion people live on level 3, between $8 and $32 a day. You have running water and a fridge in your home. You can also afford a motorbike to make getting around easier. Some of your kids start (and even finish) high school. One billion people live on level 4. If you spend more than $32 a day, you’re on level 4. You have at least a high school education and can probably afford to buy a car and take a vacation once in a while. https://www.gatesnotes.com/Books/Factfulness?WT.mc_id=04_03_2018_10_Factfulness_BG-media_&WT.tsrc=BGmedia
  • Comment on BT Sport Industry Awards (2018-08-21 21:25:44)
    I'd be okay with this if he was just blurring the lines between men and women, but sadly he's blurring the lines between my dad and my mom.
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