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  • Comment on Flags of the Internet (2008-12-05 03:52:28)
    @hvymetal86: Amazing.
  • Comment on Kissing coppers (2008-12-05 03:34:59)
    Mmmm, Banksy!! This particular piece raised quite a stir in London when it was first applied to a wall. It was covered up, then someone came up and scrawled next to the spot something to the effect of, "You can paint over a picture, but you can't paint over our love." He also has a fondness for rats. <3
  • Comment on Wolaver's Pumpkin Ale (2008-10-19 19:05:05)
    Weyerbacher's Imperial Pumpkin Ale is win.
  • Comment on Emilie Autumn (2008-09-28 23:21:29)
    Oh my goodness.
  • Comment on Coney Island (2008-09-28 23:17:55)
    This sucks. I met the love of my life at Coney Island...As long as the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone are staying open, though, I'll be happy. Sentimental value.
  • Comment on Toonami (2008-08-01 00:33:59)
    This image is so sad, like he's just sitting in the corner of a closet at Cartoon Network. Why can't TV be as good as it was when we were kids? :(
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