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  • Comment on american intervention (2012-03-18 22:45:10)
    Bow to your great savior. All changed for the better. All of em. Especially the primitive folks.
  • Comment on Louis Pasteur's chemistry lab (2012-03-12 01:55:25)
    Also used by Dumbledore.
  • Comment on MMA (2012-03-11 03:34:07)
    You act like you know me, you don't.Every response you have is condescending. So naturally I respond back so. I speak to people with respect, compassion and with an open mind. If I didn't I would have been kicked out or forced out of the dojo, my job(Which deals with people) and even school a long time ago. Get some perspective and step off your high horse. Only then will I respond relaxed. Besides, I honestly don't care what you have to say, wouldn't carry any weight anyhow. I doubt any advice you have for training would be helpful. Congrats on burning a bridge before one was even built. Safe travels. Wherever you are going. Ganbatte
  • Comment on MMA (2012-03-10 16:13:29)
    Everyone has a lot to learn. Including yourself. Of course I am angry at you! Missed out on having a real discussion about the art because you are an asshole. You expected me to have a friendly response?
  • Comment on God is an invisible Dragon in my garage (2012-03-10 07:13:47)
    A dragon would burn that shit down.
  • Comment on MMA (2012-03-10 02:28:08)
    I train 5 to 8 times a week in Bujinkan. My dojo trains in all aspects of the art more then two times a week. My instructor posts basic lessons on youtube and he is one of the most popular teachers on there. He is always stoked, so full of info he doesn't remember names to everything and is insanely fluid with his movement. Ninjutsu has changed my life and has become my life. I suck at it and feel like a kook. But I know I have grown tons as a person and physically. I am defeating my illness's because of it. I have met awesome friends for life and have more fantastic experiences coming. I have trained hard for 2 and a half years. So of course I am proud and of course it's personal. I wake up almost every morning, depending on how I am feeling, before the sun comes up to train. I am that committed to the art. I train this much while work part time and doing 12 units of college work. Ninjutsu is my life now and I plan on training in other arts too. But I doubt I will find another dojo like this one ever. They are my family. If you weren't a judgemental prick playing games, we could have had an actual conversation about martial arts and Bujinkan. So fuck you.
  • Comment on MMA (2012-03-10 02:13:56)
    Look outside of yourself. This game you just played says everything about the pride you yourself have man. In parting I am a completely different person offline and especially from MCS. Bujinkan is the art of no art. I am no expert on it, nobody is. Even Soke is humble on what he knows and does not. Martial Arts exists only to be a better person then you were yesterday. Ethically, physically and most of all, spiritually. Everything in life is budo. Martial Arts is so much more then how to defend yourself and most certainly goes beyond the color of your belt. Rank is bullshit. Talk is bullshit and there is far too much talk. The whole "my martial art is better then your martial art" is as worthless as the current state of the modern world.
  • Comment on MMA (2012-03-10 02:07:33)
    You are fucking crazy. Judging me through my response to being trolled, when in fact I was trolling you.... FUCK YOU!! I know what real technique looks like... I have friends who train in MMA and BJJ...Kung Fu... There are plenty of neandertals in martial arts and most are in and fans of MMA. I know what the point of martial arts is... If you perhaps would have acted like a normal human being, I would have responded like one. Get a mirror pal. In closing, FUCK YOU.
  • Comment on I like your hair (2012-03-09 06:37:00)
    As an Anthropology student this is pertinent to my interests.
  • Comment on MMA (2012-03-08 07:05:45)
    You haven't proven yourself worthy of a normal response. And all you are doing is repeating what I am calling you out on so... Perhaps you lost too many brain cells or something. And this started with you bitching about me liking the sports judo and kickboxing over MMA and jujitsu. As well as you bitching about women doing Ninjutsu, which you clearly do not understand. But you swear MMA and Jujitsu is far superior. Then something about the history of the gi because you are so knowledgable about martial arts and I know nothing. Then I called you out because you are too lazy to call yourself a name and trolled you. Which you took as me being ignorant and having an attitude. I don't even think of myself as a confident person. So thank you for that compliment. Enjoy your sports and I hope someday you see that there is more to martial arts then self defense. Also no martial arts are better then others, because at their heart the all serve the same purpose. But only if your instructor kicks ass and you aren't a goober. You are most definitely a goober.
  • Comment on Iranian Ninja Women (2012-03-08 06:56:51)
    You are doing exactly what you are blaming me of... Now that is irony. How do you even function in society?
  • Comment on Iranian Ninja Women (2012-03-08 00:37:48)
    Noob disease? What are you 13? Lack of knowledge? Cus showing knowledge on a image posting website to a nameless person actually proves something. Once again. I criticize my own martial art all the time and those within it do so even more!! I love all martial arts and the philosophies behind them. Saying I lack knowledge after a few posts here is a rather ignorant judgement, especially when you know nothing about me. I have trained in quite a few martial arts actually. Google knowledge is not training 5 to 8 times a week, sometimes twice a day. Last I checked. An authority on my martial arts? Are you smoking pot? I bet I know more then you do though. They execute techniques smoothly, are fit and can run on walls. That is badass. As for the Iran comment. Stop acting like a butthurt little bitch and making everything about you. You haven't showed me anything that proves you know anything about martial arts either. The history of the gi as proof... Amazing man. Groundbreaking even.
  • Comment on Iranian Ninja Women (2012-03-08 00:28:49)
    Especially BJJ and MMA. Because as we all know they are superior to everything because they are popular. Like tobacco and fast food.
  • Comment on MMA (2012-03-08 00:23:34)
    Well you don't exactly say anything. Just broad points and generalizations. The only way to respond is with broad generalizations. You don't even have the ability to engage in a conversation, so why would I expect you to engage in a debate? Why would I demonstrate knowledge on the internet, and to a nameless person. Especially one that is clearly fanatical about one style of martial arts. Get some perspective before you attempt to prove a point next time. Peace!
  • Comment on fitting in (2012-03-07 19:34:24)
    O key!
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