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  • Comment on ART CAR (2020-06-01 16:01:58)
    my car is a little further down, across the street. that picture was taken at the Seattle Art Car Blow Out (SACBO) a few years ago - that car belongs to Extremo The Clown -
  • Comment on CHUCK NORRIS (2020-05-31 20:33:59)
    yeah, but bruce lee, an asian atheist, beat him up. 😒
  • Comment on Tensegrity Tower (2020-05-30 20:04:34)
    buckminster fuller is rolling in his grave. 😒
  • Comment on WHAT WOULD IT TAKE FOR ME TO VOTE REPUBLICAN (2020-05-27 14:19:55)
    you're halfway there... now, if you could say the same thing about democrats, we would have Vermin Supreme as our president, and everything would be fine! 👍😉
  • Comment on RACE CAR (2020-05-26 23:27:05)
    spelled backwards is "RAC ECAR". 😉
  • Comment on MIRACLE (2020-05-21 20:56:33)
    but his legacy, like a particularly odious fart, will linger on for decades... 😒
  • Comment on book mask (2020-05-16 22:58:17)
    that is not even a book... it's a bible mask. which means, more than likely, the lady thinks that "ther blud o' jeezis" is greater protectiom than any ol' mask, and thus, will be among the most surprised when she contracts COVID19 and dies... 😒
  • Comment on Comment Karma has been updated on author pages (2020-05-11 17:44:10)
    i've got approximately the same, which is a number i never paid any attention to before, anyway.
  • Comment on DELUSIONAL BRAIN DAMAGED CULT MEMBER (2020-05-09 19:49:30)
    as a person with brain damage, i take offense. we're not ALL that delusional, or brainwashed. 🙄
  • Comment on my name is felix (2020-04-19 13:24:36)
    the question marks are NOT what they wanted you to see.
  • Comment on Anyone want to start some fights? (2020-04-19 13:09:57)
    how about 😉
  • Comment on my name is felix (2020-04-17 22:31:26)
    okay, seriously tiki... you really should move this thing into the 21st century and make it capable of reading unicode. this "?? ???????? ?? ??? ????? ?????? here's the video but like better quality (=`?´=) ???????? ???? ??? ??????. ?? ???? ?? ?? ????? ??????" is getting really annoying. and, while your at it, you should also program your collection-bot to collect images that DO NOT require you to log in to somewhere in order to see the image. i come here to see images, not to have to log in to somewhere else to see images. 😒
  • Comment on Intermission (2020-03-31 15:08:06)
    it also lacks the characteristic link that is indicated by the occasional bug that tiki put into the code, so my guess is that it's a clever visual pun... but i could be wrong. 😉
  • Comment on All The Toilet Paper (2020-03-15 17:13:13)
    artwork by allie brosh, who never gets credited for macros like this... 😒
  • Comment on where is my mina (2020-02-17 22:29:07)
    i think it's supposed to say "WHERE IS MY MIND"...
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