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  • Comment on German plane (2011-06-14 23:50:50)
    Wow - it's been ages since I listened to this. I need to go find it - stat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Lockheed_and_the_Starfighters
  • Comment on MOAR geeks (2011-01-09 22:08:19)
    That is the work of one Scott Johnson - I think its only fair to give kudos when it's due: http://www.myextralife.com/
  • Comment on Concept Plane: Supersonic Green Machine (2010-07-17 11:00:35)
    Looks suspiciously similar to Fireflash from the very first episode of Thunderbirds to me....but then I'm an old fart with a hazy memory. Get off my lawn you darn kids!
  • Comment on puff dogs (2010-06-06 21:14:53)
    If their coats were black as opposed to snowy white they'd look like two awesome dudes with kick-ass 'fros and we'd be all like wassup dawg? And they'd be all sit yo' candy ass down cracker...or something. Actually - they look like they are straight outta Pulp Fiction...searching for a cleaner.
  • Comment on Miners (2010-03-19 11:40:30)
    Hi Ho!
  • Comment on The Bank Job (2008-12-01 15:09:00)
    Dear Jason, Please stick to being a comedy thug in Guy Ritchie films. You cannot act - stop trying. Warmest wishes, Ponsonby
  • Comment on Christopher Walken (2008-12-01 15:06:26)
    @reboot Yeah, Michael Caine pretty much gave a similar response to the same kind of question, but he was a little more honest "they offered to pay me, and I have bills just like the rest of you." And yes - more Walken!
  • Comment on Military helmet (2008-10-27 13:57:17)
    Optician: What did he say between sobs? Mother: He said he wanted the 'wee round ones like John Lennon'.....
  • Comment on Adam and Eve - Muslim style (2008-10-25 21:43:31)
    Shouldn't she be ten paces back....or at least closer to the kitchen?
  • Comment on Technology (2008-10-10 13:01:53)
    Let's be honest here, Apple fan bois are to technology what Scientologist's are to religion.
  • Comment on Woman Driver (2008-10-09 18:05:48)
    It looks like she has been in the kitchen too long....and now there's nothing left.
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