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Nobody. I am nobody. I'm a tramp, a bum, a hobo. I'm a boxcar and a jug of wine. And a straight razor if you get too close to me.

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  • Comment on At last, I can read my books (2010-12-19 21:08:37)
    Fuck yo glasses!
  • Comment on Tusken Raider Costume (2010-11-08 15:32:28)
    A couple of people have suggested this to me, so I will definitely have to look into it. Thanks for the information, if I ever make it to a Star Wars con and wear this it would be cool to be a part of the 501st.
  • Comment on Tusken Raider Costume (2010-11-08 09:25:33)
    Thanks for the replies, next year I am hoping to put together a replica of Gordon Freeman's HEV Suit (see Half Life 2), and my wife is going to dress up as Alyx. Some answers below... Yes it is hard to see out of, with the helmet on you have extreme tunnel vision. I also made the over robe with a monk's cloth, but it was too hot to wear it out, but yeah I need to get the entire outfit dirty and weathered for it to look more authentic. The mace end of the gaffi stick is not a lawn dart, nice guess though. It's actually a lot of Dremel work on a few dowel rods a side of an old computer case that I cut those fins out of. Lots of epoxy putty, cutting/sanding, and paint. The mouth part does look kind of like a leather pussy, also a good observation, but I mounted a PC case fan in there to bring cool air into the mask. Not a good place to think about putting your manhood. No kids yet, but I did think about renting a kid to run around as a Jawa with me. Barcrest: I followed the Gaffi Stick guide on this website -> almost completely, but I made my own modifications. It took a few days to do it once I got the materials together, but the end result is very solid, and doesn't look cheap at all. Thanks again for the feedback!
  • Comment on Zabrak girl (2010-07-27 18:56:18)
    That is a real game. The once excellent, but currently failed MMO: Star Wars Galaxies. Long live Ahazi!
  • Comment on Kill The Whales Before They Kill You (2010-07-12 11:17:33)
    This is some random Facebook group a friend of mine suggested to me. Some of the attacks on this group are hilarious, and people just don't get that it's a joke.
  • Comment on browser chairs (2010-04-21 13:31:56)
    Chrome is by far the best browser I have used.
  • Comment on The Hallucinogenic Toreador (2010-04-15 22:45:20)
    Yeah the Dali Museum in St Pete is great. I try to visit it every time I vacation near Clearwater/Tampa. This painting is massive.
  • Comment on Awesome-O (2010-02-25 07:59:33)
    We used poisonous gases, and we poisoned their asses. The humans are dead.
  • Comment on The "rest of my room" for "7footJesus" (2009-08-20 09:14:59)
    Nice filthy ass walls!
  • Comment on RIP John Hughes (2009-08-12 12:15:35)
    RIP Michael Jordan
  • Comment on Whenever I was on a long road trip (2009-08-08 10:13:13)
    30 years old and I still do this.
  • Comment on My Internet Penis is THIS BIG (2009-07-30 12:46:31)
    what is an internet penis? is it somehow related to the e-peen?
  • Comment on beefy men (2009-07-29 11:38:24)
    More like "Queers of War" amirite? nyuk nyuk
  • Comment on billery clinton (2009-07-29 11:28:16)
    Looks like The Toxic Avenger, or Sloth from The Goonies.
  • Comment on What you wrote, meant and actually did (2009-07-23 13:45:04)
    Reminds me of a Very Tasteful video:
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