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  • Comment on Ecto-1On Hard Times (2014-02-16 12:24:56)
    Fairly rare, quite a find.
  • Comment on pissing your life savings away (2014-02-03 07:00:43)
    The issue isn't limiting the CEOs wages, it's insuring that all the people in the company make enough to live on. If a CEO costs 9.6 million and increases the profitability of the company by 20 million he or she is worth it. But if the way they increase profitability is just to slash wages in times when people can't find work elsewhere, forcing them to live off food stamps and state supplied medical care then they're just thieves stealing from us all. Give them their pay, but make them earn it by building the business and paying others fairly as well.
  • Comment on If you need violence to enforce your ideas, your ideas are worthless (2014-02-02 08:00:39)
    Unfortunately most cultures that use violence claim they are defending their ideas, not enforcing them.
  • Comment on white shirt (2013-10-21 23:31:05)
    This post is relevant to my interests
  • Comment on White Knight (2013-10-18 22:57:17)
    The southern manifesto was 1955, Nixon's southern strategy was 1964-68. The civil rights act was 1964, introduced in the house by a democrat, voted into law by Democrats, signed by a Democrat - Lyndon Johnson. Funny how those Democrats who think blacks are inferior chose one for their presidential candidate in 2008, and reelected him in 2012. Yeah, they must not think much of him to elect him twice.
  • Comment on White Knight (2013-10-18 11:41:15)
    The Dixiecrats, southern democrats, were democrats but also ultraconservative. They switched in the 1950s and 60s when the dems supported the civil rights movement. Google Nixon's "southern strategy"- the Republicans opposed desegregation and rights for minorities to win white racist votes in the south. You would be hard pressed these days to find a KKK member who identifies as a Democrat, and they were NEVER liberal.
  • Comment on A few reasons to NOT loot. (2013-10-18 11:19:45)
    So you need two guys with shotguns, one to make a noise and the other to hide and take the owner and his dog out when they come to investigate. You can shoot the woman later.
  • Comment on zooey keeps it real (2013-10-11 13:34:20)
    Thanks, I prefer girls with tits.
  • Comment on Everyone's a Nazi there days (2013-10-07 13:59:04)
    Never mess with a bunch of old ladies
  • Comment on tailgate decal (2013-10-07 13:49:00)
    Hope you don't mind getting stopped a few times a day as the police "investigate"
  • Comment on creating the flat iron (2013-10-06 12:55:45)
    Not NYC, the Home Insurance Building in Chicago.
  • Comment on Cookie Monster fish (2013-10-06 12:05:11)
    Not a fish, coral formation.
  • Comment on Either McS can't count, or Tiki is drunk again (2013-10-06 12:01:40)
    Some people just don't math.
  • Comment on Preparing the pod-people (2013-10-05 14:45:44)
    Actually, you were correct, they do look like B-25 nosecones. It was a popular design at the time.
  • Comment on Preparing the pod-people (2013-10-05 14:05:57)
    http://www.aerofiles.com/doug-A20rollout.jpg http://www.wwiivehicles.com/usa/aircraft/bomber/douglas-a-20-boston-havoc-bomber/douglas-a-20-havoc-bomber-03.png
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