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  • Comment on New Guinness Pint Glass (2010-05-13 14:29:24)
    Bells, Rogue, Dogfishhead, all great Stouts made by US brewers. Odds are, no matter where you live, there's a local brewer somewhere nearby making a stout that is at least as good as Guinness, if not better.
  • Comment on New Guinness Pint Glass (2010-05-13 09:16:49)
    From what I've heard, Guinness in the US tastes nothing like Guinness in Ireland. If you want good beers, stay away from imports, the processing and pasteurizing kill the flavor, and you never know how long they've been in shipment. And this glass...just a repackaging of the same product to make a beer that's been around for centuries seem brand new. I like a good stout...there are many out there that beat the hell out of Guinness. Bells Expedition from Michigan is a great American stout.
  • Comment on Last years Badger game in Madison... (2010-04-26 09:41:16)
    God I love Madison. Grew up there, and got my undergrad at UW. As a teenager I worked as a soda vender at Camp Randall. As a student I spent many a drunk Saturday mornings there. So many memories...
  • Comment on Dwight Schrute on gay people (2010-04-10 02:37:03)
    Dwight never said that.
  • Comment on Time travel (2010-04-09 09:25:10)
    Primer needs to be on there. Primer is the best time travel movie ever.
  • Comment on My fat whore head (2010-04-08 11:14:15)
    Go TWINS! (the new stadium rules btw) FUCK the Yanks!
  • Comment on Take care of your balls (2010-04-08 09:51:46)
    Good advice. Two of my uncles had testicular cancer. Highly treatable if detected early, but can grow extremely fast if you wait too long.
  • Comment on anheuser busch logo (2010-04-08 09:27:38)
    InBev works in the same way AB does, squeezing out the small craft brewers. Their beers are at least a little tastier than Bud Light, but as a beer expert friend of mine said "every time you drink a Stella, you're putting another brewer out of business".
  • Comment on anheuser busch logo (2010-04-07 11:43:25)
    co-sign. Their entire business model is structured around running craft microbrewers out of business. Their beer is chock full of cheap adjuncts and they treat their workers like crap.
  • Comment on That's no RPG! That's a Canon! (2010-04-06 14:14:11)
    Uh yeah, this was a flagrant disregard to the ROE.
  • Comment on That's no RPG! That's a Canon! (2010-04-06 09:45:58)
    Caught that yesterday. Fucking appalling. And people wonder why the world hates the US.
  • Comment on Five Funny Guys (2010-04-05 10:27:46)
    Cosign on Demitri Martin, Eddie Izzard and Steven Colbert. Ron White can die in a fire.
  • Comment on Five Funny Guys (2010-04-05 08:55:30)
    Yes, Bummer he disappeared Yes, Bummer he sold out Yes, Bummer we don't see more of him Yes, Bummer he ODed, Not too familiar with him. Where's Carlin or Prior? As for comedians killin' it right now, Aziz Ansari is fucking funny.
  • Comment on obama and bo (2010-03-25 10:38:27)
    Every president has had a team of photojournalists around they daily during their term, snapping pics the whole time. Obama's no different, I think it's actually kinda cool.
  • Comment on Vodafone Head Office - Portugal (2010-03-24 09:07:51)
    That lame piece of "star"chitecture is pure crap. I hate buildings like these. They're just to build up the ego of these cracked architects who care more about their reputation than designing good buildings. It's the equivalent of architecture masturbation.
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