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  • Comment on Zeus Died Yesterday (2019-01-28 13:40:22)
    So sorry to hear that! RIP Zeus. :(
  • Comment on My mother died on monday (2015-04-02 13:30:42)
    So sorry, Tiki. Hang in there.
  • Comment on Ad for wireless headphones (2013-08-06 10:42:34)
    Thanks Obama!
  • Comment on the golden rule (2011-07-25 17:41:35)
    Capitalism: He who has the gold makes the rules.
  • Comment on liberal elitism bias (2011-05-12 02:35:01)
    Yeah, he fighter-piloted right in there looking for him... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PGmnz5Ow-o
  • Comment on Obama - What a Guy! (2011-05-06 10:50:09)
    Yes, Bush deserves all the credit. After all he said himself that he didn't really spend much time looking for him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PGmnz5Ow-o
  • Comment on Craig's List steal! (2011-02-26 19:30:03)
    Decent bass. Great little amp. Unbeatable price for both. Score!
  • Comment on Pittsburgh (2011-02-26 19:25:10)
    Beautiful photos. Very nice.
  • Comment on Pat's Cheesesteak (2011-02-10 13:55:38)
    Agree on Pat's over Geno's. But I would take Jim's on South Street over both. To this day though my absolute favorite is from Chink's on Torresdale in the Northeast. In fact, now I must submit an image of said establishment. :)
  • Comment on Bacon Burger Dog! (2010-06-29 06:25:00)
    It's always there for me (in my browser and sometimes in my RSS app). I had seen a post a while back about refreshing in the browser to get rid of it but that never worked. I tried clicking on the image to load the actual page it's on and guess what? Didn't work. So I kind of gave up. After being berated about trying things that don't work yesterday I poked around some more and found something that does work: I have to right-click on the image and choose "View Image", which opens the image (and only the image) in its own window and bam! no watermark.
  • Comment on Bacon Burger Dog! (2010-06-28 12:28:11)
    Not to be a dick or anything but I hate it when the watermark covers the punchline or other important part of an image. I'll assume this one ended with "your mamma does!"
  • Comment on America (2008-09-29 15:20:06)
    Hey, I made this! :-) It's always funny to see something you sent out there come back to you. I guess it's true about the things you love...
  • Comment on Tall Corner Building (2008-03-07 06:35:10)
    Yup, That's the Flatiron Building. It's at 175 Fifth Ave. It's always been one of my favorites. And yes among its appearances in films are the Spider-Man movies where it was the Daily Bugle headquarters.
  • Comment on North American Union Amero Coins (2007-11-30 12:31:34)
    Thankfully that union would be illegal... until they erase that part of the constitution too. At any rate, the money would probably look more like this anyway. http://www.internationalterrorist.com/artwork/trystop.jpg
  • Comment on Microsoft Windows Vista Choices (2007-11-17 10:26:16)
    It's ok because no matter how many versions they make to confuse people, nobody's buying it anyway. After using it the other day, I can see why. The damned thing trips all over itself and gets in your way trying to 'help' you. It's like they took that retarded paper clip assistant from Office and made an entire OS out of it. All I'm hearing about it is that people are wiping their new computers and installing XP onto them or like two people I know, they're becoming elitist faggots. To be fair though I heard you have to tweak the firewall settings in the new Mac OS to be sure it's secure... Yeah, that's the only bad thing I've heard about it. But then Apple is the richest corporation in the world and has 95% of the computing market so you'd expect a quality product from them. What? That's Microsoft? Awww man. In that case I suppose there's no excuse for their new OS. And no matter how much people defend them. There is no excuse. Seriously, if they worked for you, you'd have fired them by now and you know it.
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