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  • Comment on Robert Wadlow - 8' 11" (2011-12-14 15:59:09)
    My family is from Alton, IL, where Robert Wadlow is from. Grandpa used to see him walking to school and he would have to rest every so often since he would get tired so quickly.
  • Comment on Zombies! (2011-11-03 20:06:46)
    It was a big latex piece that glued to my face, took a lot of scrubbing to get all of that off.
  • Comment on Sky Croc Surf Dude (2011-02-24 04:44:04)
    "He's Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer...He's also a fantastic swimmer...he's handsome, trim and no one slimmer, and he will never need a zimmer!"
  • Comment on who's a gan get raped (2010-12-30 04:44:54)
    Some of those Woody dolls seem to be pretty creepy...
  • Comment on hitman puppy (2010-11-05 11:25:18)
    I have a friend whose dog would walk around with a knife it got out of the dishwasher if you didn't watch her close enough...kinda makes me think of her.
  • Comment on LOser (2010-09-27 02:30:35)
    When I first caught the pic out of the corner of my eye I thought it was Simon Pegg...
  • Comment on the object to your left is weapon of choice (2010-09-08 07:16:58)
    A 14 year old wire haired terrier named Tramp...(I'm laying in the floor) oh boy...
  • Comment on teabags (2010-08-25 02:33:31)
    I thought the true origin of tea-bagging was that it was something John Waters came up with...
  • Comment on would you fuck me (2010-07-18 10:05:17)
    We just had a discussion about this and who played him while we were watching Shutter Island...I had to go look it up to make sure.
  • Comment on roof owls (2010-07-09 05:49:47)
    Ugh, for just a very short moment I thought I was looking at something real and got the creeps...its very well done but...*full body shiver*
  • Comment on Human Cenitpede Mug (2010-05-20 10:17:44)
    When I was checking it out the first thing I thought is "This takes ass to mouth to a whole new level."
  • Comment on cookie monsteress (2010-05-17 21:10:22)
    Is it from this comic?... I love how her costume turned out
  • Comment on The Knowing (2010-05-08 03:24:16)
    Ghost Rider? Both National Treasure Movies? The Weather Man? Lord of War? and one of my favorites... Bringing out the Dead?
  • Comment on cop car stack up (2010-04-29 11:07:29)
    Makes me think of Super Troopers
  • Comment on Skill level VS Fame level (2010-04-22 03:31:08)
    Ahh yes, Surviving The of my favorites
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