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  • Comment on Picture is worth 1000 words (2010-02-21 21:41:45)
    That's not Miss USA, that's Miss America. BIG difference and anyone in the pageant community will kick your ass for messing it up.
  • Comment on Frédéric Chopin (2009-12-26 09:18:58)
    He is *the* greatest composer! This is my favorite picture of him (taken a few months before his death). This man had one foot in the grave his whole life, and yet he managed to revolutionize the classical forms of composition, while inventing new forms for the Romantic era. His works are some of the most technically challenging of all known works for the piano, and yet they all have gorgeous melodies and minimal repetition, since he hated repetition and always managed to squeeze in some variations on his main theme. His Ballade in G Minor always moves me to tears. I think, in some way, it is like his musical mini-biography. Chopin has been my all-time favorite composer since 7th grade, when I first heard one of his pieces performed in public. I could sit down at the piano and play nothing but his stuff for hours on end! There is not a single bad piece in his collection. And to think he only lived to be 39! Oh, and did I mention he and I share a birthday? :) Chopin FTW!!!
  • Comment on The rack, such as (2009-06-27 16:04:48)
    Awesome! I was hoping someone else would pick up on that (someone, anyone, everywhere, like, such as...)
  • Comment on pics my kid took (2009-04-13 19:07:03)
    Ohio is the best state for finding creepy courthouses. Echo the sentiments above. Your kid's got game!
  • Comment on TRADJZZ (2009-03-16 07:12:45)
    sorry, my previous comment was supposed to be @nyokki
  • Comment on TRADJZZ (2009-03-16 07:12:19)
    In Reston.
  • Comment on World War II in Short (2009-03-12 22:02:44)
    After 12 years of public education plus a 4-year college degree, numerous history classes, dozens of textbooks, at least a handful of research papers and presentations...I think I finally understand the war now.
  • Comment on TRADJZZ (2009-03-12 21:38:42)
    OMG I've seen this guy around, too! VA has some craaaaaaazy vanity plates. I also thought it meant traditional jazz.
  • Comment on Jesus vs Thor (2009-03-01 13:06:31)
    My god rose from the dead and gave your god the hammer in the first place, therefore he could take it away just as easily. Any questions?
  • Comment on Yepyepyepyepyepyepyep! (2009-02-17 21:45:12)
    I fucking hate these things. Get them off my 'puter!!
  • Comment on Thank God you\'re a man - Flow Chart (2009-01-30 18:58:53)
    I submitted these images, too. Apparently, nyokki beat me to it. Great minds, huh?
  • Comment on Hamburger Bed (2009-01-30 18:52:10)
    I can has hamburger?
  • Comment on Coffee Pot Vs Coffee Mug (2009-01-27 21:37:11)
    Coolest. Appliance. EVER! Seriously, where can I get me one...or two?
  • Comment on Stryper (2009-01-17 19:43:23)
    My brother had some of their tapes and I liked a few of their songs, back in the day. But, Petra is a much better example of "Christian rock." I still listen to their stuff occasionally, when the urge hits me.
  • Comment on Tupperware to The Rescue! (2009-01-13 20:05:52)
    @Phyreblade: Bats...they are sick. I cannot hit curve ball. Straight ball I hit it very much. Curve ball...bats are afraid. I ask Jobu to come...take fear from bats.
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