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  • Comment on Zombie Apocalypse (2011-11-24 03:27:26)
    wow, actually something useful... technically I have nothing but open air to my left but if I lift my arm and point, I end up pointing directly at the baseball bat that sits behind the front door across the room....
  • Comment on Marzipan cakes (2010-04-17 09:11:08)
    I think you mean fondant, not marzipan... marzipan is made from almonds, fondant is sugar based.. still awesome cakes though
  • Comment on Science -vs- Elephants and Turtles (2010-03-20 14:54:13)
    rip off of Discworld
  • Comment on Clark Gable is teh sex (2010-02-26 21:17:57)
    Betty Davis had a nickname for Clark Cable... it was "Stinky Dick"... because he was uncut and didn't keep it clean. Didn't stop her from shagging him though.
  • Comment on MCS Theme Day - Original Content OR Your Fridge (2010-02-19 13:20:12)
    well... I uploaded some pieces I'd paid for but I just noticed the whole 'let's see in your fridge' thing. I'll have to think about that one... island counter makes it hard to photograph the entire thing.
  • Comment on donut bath (2009-10-29 05:42:02)
    ugh, all I see is the soap scum on the walls... you'd think if they were going to put food in there, they'd clean
  • Comment on A capybara in a bathtub (2009-10-04 12:32:28)
    those things are interesting looking guys... they have a small herd of them living in Miami that made it in the news awhile back.. people didn't know what they were but kept seeing them in the woods down there... freaked them out big time... they finally decide some road side petting zoo turned them free and they adapted
  • Comment on The Truth, Even When It Hurts (2009-09-22 18:46:37)
    Warhol's IQ would have also been tested at a time when the scale was different. Previously genius level was 200 or higher, now it's 160 or higher, but the test is the same. The numbers are now different because they didn't want kids feeling bad about their scores. They changed it about 10 to 15 years ago. My last IQ test was in the first grade and I scored 136. I am happy that as a first grader I scored higher than Paris Hilton.
  • Comment on I ♥ NY (2009-09-13 15:22:03)
    I like it, nice and classy
  • Comment on Swine Flu vs Bird Flu vs Zombie Flu (2009-09-03 21:36:30)
    whoops, I might have to go into the corner too... I think I uploaded a couple with watermarks...
  • Comment on Epilepsi (2009-09-01 18:36:44)
    how many more gifs are there??.. they are a little annoying..
  • Comment on Up close and personal.. (2009-08-31 00:49:45)
    naw, just some images I've collected, none of them are taken by me
  • Comment on Windows Pirates. (2009-08-30 11:02:14)
    ha! You should have made a login :-p
  • Comment on District 9 poster (2009-08-30 09:47:06)
    you can build a shadow box, with a clear front and back, but reverse it so that the light is in the back of the box instead of the front, but you'll have to becareful about the light. The wrong kind can heat up inside the case and ruin your poster... or make the case without the light attached and get a painting uplight. If you make the case with a gap at the bottom, the up light will shine upwards and through the gap, giving the effect you want...
  • Comment on Hobbes? Hobbes who? (2009-08-26 08:28:14)
    god, I hate the Calvin growing up comics... they are so sad!
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