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  • Comment on Marisa Miller (2008-11-27 19:01:27)
    since her shorts don't fit too well, she should just take them off, and of course then she should definitely remove her top.... damn then she would be totally naked.... yah baby!!!!
  • Comment on I Will Fucking Kill You (2008-11-13 19:08:14)
    wtf??? this dog is blind.... he's got cataracts... he will probably rip his own balls off and not know the difference.
  • Comment on Chick w. UMP (2008-10-02 14:40:15)
    this poor girl can afford an Uzi but she can't afford clothes....hmmmmmm
  • Comment on 046 - Lindsay Lohan (2008-10-01 09:49:35)
    OMG I see her boobie
  • Comment on Grizzly (2008-09-29 13:47:44)
    we have seen this fucking bear before... try posting something new
  • Comment on Bush Spank (2008-09-29 13:45:58)
    WTF was Bush thinking??? Keep your hands off Bushman.... you are not Slick Willie.... what will Laura think????
  • Comment on Aww, you shouldn't have! (2008-09-28 14:20:37)
    oh yah.... I have a BJ on my BD
  • Comment on Leonardo Caprio In Doorway (2008-01-24 09:49:08)
    Last time I looked, his name was Leonardo Di Caprio.... sounds like we have some homo phobes here!!! Also some folks who are jealous that Leo and Tom make so much money and have the hot chicks... too bad for you guys!!!
  • Comment on The Berlin Wall (2008-01-09 11:30:56)
    there is no Berlin Wall.... don't you remember President Ronald Raygun saying: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." So Gorby tore it down... end of story.
  • Comment on Faith - The Bullets Are Real. Your god Is Not (2008-01-06 13:44:27)
    may tiki god rot in hell
  • Comment on Ninja Vs Pirate (2007-07-01 08:04:55)
    OK... 2 guys on a Saturday afternoon with nothing better to do after getting liquored up.... dumb!!!
  • Comment on Ipr0n (2007-07-01 08:03:04)
    Damn... I'm gonna go out and get me one of those I-Pods... the hell with the I-Phone!!!
  • Comment on Mike Rowe Glamour Shot (2007-06-18 16:59:17)
    obviously I am the only one in the universe who has never seen this show, and I don't intend to start now... if the dickhead wants to get dirty, that's his business!!!
  • Comment on Bush tries not to giggle (2007-06-18 16:57:23)
    Bush has that Texas shit-eating grin on his face... his is so fucking dumb!!!
  • Comment on Bush - IDK, my bff jill? (2007-06-18 16:56:08)
    wtf... Bush talks this way normally... he just mumbles and stumbles... sure didn't graduate from Harvard... must have been Yale!!!
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