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  • Comment on Guernica (2012-01-09 04:50:48)
    Ha! The last animated one is mine, from when I used to be Malvino on b3ta.com, about 2005 I think.
  • Comment on I'm Comin' For You (2010-08-14 00:12:32)
  • Comment on Chinese subs (2010-08-13 07:52:23)
    Damn skippy.
  • Comment on Meanwhile in America (2010-08-04 22:03:44)
    This is mah baibul, theez'ur mah guns. Wen Fox sez tuh shute, y'all gotta run.
  • Comment on 96% (2010-08-04 11:31:28)
    Actually, the Iraqi people spent that money, although you may have to pay it back to them.
  • Comment on 96% (2010-08-04 11:29:12)
    Remind me how much Halliburton has made from Iraq.
  • Comment on I AM having cheezburger! (2010-07-30 07:11:03)
    Photo reveals much. This man is probably not married, but his long-term girlfriend lives with him (plus 1(?) child?), they plan to get married when they have the money. He also rides/rode a motorcycle, has a passport and has travelled abroad on more than one occasion, maybe even lived abroad. Although he's degree educated his regular job is just to pay the rent, and he gets a large (majority) of his income from freelance work (or wants to), his girlfriend also has a relatively low paid job, she is studying for vocational qualifications, she secretly dreams of working in an office and wearing a pencil skirt with high waist, a tight shirt, trendy glasses and her hair tied back with one stray strand falling cheekily over her face when she's busy. This is not their only pet, they also have a dog(?), possibly elderly and infirmed, probably a childhood companion.
  • Comment on Black Hawk Door Gunner (2010-07-30 07:02:04)
    He radiates a desire to bring peace and minimise death of innocents.
  • Comment on The Zebra is a Perfect Jewel (2010-07-30 06:58:38)
    It's just a jackass with warpaint.
  • Comment on Armani 100% silk sport coat (2010-07-21 13:30:51)
    Silk sports coat? What kind of sport are you going to play?
  • Comment on right wing bumper stickers (2010-07-09 03:11:27)
    Except for the Israelis, they're ok.
  • Comment on keep calm and put the kettle on (2010-07-08 03:00:33)
    If he'd tried that instead of sending troops it might have worked fine.
  • Comment on top ten signs you're a fundamentalist christian (2010-07-08 01:46:16)
    Some, not all, my hasty little cherub.
  • Comment on disabled racist (2010-07-07 12:30:24)
    Heh, Isaac Newton, American. You're right though, it's probably Spain, probably not racist.
  • Comment on Google is planing something big (2010-07-02 03:35:45)
    Well yeah, that's Google. Thyey're claiming China is a free speech issue, bullshit, they're getting dicked in China and they need an excuse. Look at Bing image search, then look at Google, which is best? Look at gGoogle news, then Yahoo, same thing. They've spent too long on gadgets, buying stuff, and making sure companies have to spend ever more cash on the google dance, they're not delivering anymore.
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