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  • Comment on Let’s get hammered, then get hammered! (2022-04-01 01:51:05)

    I'm hammered and haven't been here for a while. Does this site suck now or is it just me? Russian funding dried up?

  • Comment on This sums up the last 4 presidents (2021-12-18 09:11:14)
    Since when was it "Conservative" to defend and champion someone who attempted and is still attempting to overthrow the American Government? You Trumpers stand for nothing but the defense of blatant lies, grifting, and a fear generated snowflake hatred of all but yourselves. Thank God you're all dying from Covid in droves, thanks to your inherent gullibility.
  • Comment on Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Sentenced to 45 Months in Prison ‘For Exposing US War Crimes’ (2021-08-06 04:02:16)
    Lol. 2021 is so weird, Reddit is less toxic than Facebook, the whole world has gone dwanky. My only solace is that COVID is very busy fixing stupid all over the place.
  • Comment on Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Sentenced to 45 Months in Prison ‘For Exposing US War Crimes’ (2021-08-05 23:51:10)
    If only there was something that could be done to make the MCS experience more enjoyable by limiting the amount of BS propaganda trolling. Hmmm, there must be something...
  • Comment on Strengthening democracy (2021-08-05 23:40:16)
    Fuck the Green Party. They're responsible for two of the worst Presidents this Country has ever had, I'm sure Jill Stein was well paid at that dinner she had with Putin. Fuck the "Green" Party straight to hell, and they can take the "Libertarian" Party with them.
  • Comment on Meetings (2021-05-11 23:16:19)
    There's this great new game I've been playing, you turn off your computer and your phone, go outside, and focus your eyes on the most distant object you can see. It's great for the head.
  • Comment on As of today (2021-05-11 11:33:52)
    If only Bernie Sanders wasn't such a stubborn putz you might have had all those things by now.
  • Comment on As of today (2021-05-11 11:31:26)
    Below, in Mr. Lewis and Mr. Sickness, you can witness excellent examples of the Hard Left and Hard Right of the USA in their natural habitat of petty bitterness and self indulgent fantasies of superiority. Incapable of enjoying a good thing, they prefer to exist as living, breathing examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  • Comment on AOC (2021-04-29 09:21:26)
    If you could think about her without getting a hard on you'd be able to more accurately assess her abilities. She has cost the Democrats more seats than she has won for Democrats by far.
  • Comment on AOC (2021-04-29 09:18:12)
    You really shouldn't mix your sexual fantasies with your politics, the fanboy incel worship of this woman is cringeworthy and pathetic. She's an ineffective liability for Democrats whether she's featured in your wet dreams or not, and her political skills are sorely lacking. She's good at exciting the loins of basement dwelling Progressive keyboard warriors, but not much else.
  • Comment on THE RUNAWAYS (2021-04-28 23:52:04)
  • Comment on TOYS (2021-04-16 02:30:28)
    And climbing.
  • Comment on ALBUMS (2021-04-16 01:36:19)
    The girl in the middle top left is having my baby. The guy in the middle top right is that baby.
  • Comment on TOYS (2021-04-16 01:35:03)
    I reposted this on face book in a group, this is the result so far. How's your twitch going?
  • Comment on BIKINI (2021-04-12 23:34:38)
    Do I miss Chuck Norris? Why, no, I do not at all miss Chuck Norris!
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