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  • Comment on Shooter Glasses (2007-10-25 00:31:00)
    Enjoy your aids.
  • Comment on Darwin (2007-10-25 00:27:12)
    What the FUCK?
  • Comment on Female Driver (2007-10-24 20:14:50)
    A fail so epic, it might just be win.
  • Comment on Copy Pasta Keyboard (2007-10-24 20:13:13)
    Good job tiki, breaking rules 1 and 2 again eh?
  • Comment on Firestorm (2007-10-23 23:25:25)
    Click for Google Map of Fire Area
  • Comment on Force Feeding (2007-10-23 21:28:57)
    If I had to choose a picture to describe the phrase "fucking ugly." I'd choose this.
  • Comment on Fleshlight Review (2007-10-23 21:25:10)
    ...and it really breaks my heart. Oh for Christ's sake. Are you really going to cry just because a bunch of idiots aren't willing to starve themselves? Here's a simple diet plan. EAT NOTHING. DRINK ONLY WATER. TAKE VITAMIN PILLS. And sooner or later, you're on your way to getting slim. Is it really that fucking hard to lose that fat? Some people will argue that few will die by doing this. Well, so be it. I'd rather have a handful of worthless fatties die than having 50% of the overweight population bitch about how McDonalds is shoving fat up their asses. Natural selection at work, bitches.
  • Comment on Firefox Wallpaper (2007-10-23 19:46:28)
    Firefox sucks. Use Opera.
  • Comment on Firestorm (2007-10-23 19:39:09)
    As I'm reading these long melodramatic proses on the wildfire, I can't stop and think that I'm gonna laugh my ass off if the entire Californian state goes up in flames. I hope it'll wipe out San Francisco and Los Angeles. Suck. It. Hippies.
  • Comment on Fleshlight Review (2007-10-23 18:06:21)
    Definition of an hero This guy really needs to watch Fight Club.
  • Comment on K-Mart Ban Letter (2007-10-22 22:30:07)
  • Comment on Dragon Tattoo (2007-10-20 13:42:57)
    Since there are no girls on the internet. I can only conclude that HebiMetal is a fucking faggot.
  • Comment on Dragon Tattoo (2007-10-20 10:30:26)
    I'm glad tiki didn't file this under "Sexy."
  • Comment on christianity - impose your beliefs! (2007-10-19 16:17:15)
    People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them. I guess that makes Atheism sort of a religion doesn't it.
  • Comment on Sweet Ride (2007-10-19 16:11:22)
    That's so pimpin'.
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