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  • Comment on SPACE (2011-07-13 00:43:57)
    “Wanna see me? Buy a telescope, gonna be in space.”
  • Comment on SR-71 (2011-07-10 15:32:29)
    SR-71 is a reconnaissance plane. It doesn't have weapons, just counter measures.
  • Comment on then versus now OS (2011-07-10 15:00:47)
    Thing is, they are all variants of Unix. Windows NT tries to hide it, Apple sits on top of it, and Linux simply emulates it.
  • Comment on Gentlemen proverb (2011-07-10 14:49:55)
    No. Christian Serbian
  • Comment on Republican Senator Roy McDonald (2011-06-29 23:27:08)
    I think we are going to see a lot more Republicans breaking ranks in the coming months. My brother (he's a Republican organizer) tells me that their is a growing divide between those that side with the Tea Party and those that do not. He thinks that the right-wing has moved so far to the right that it has allowed the left wing to appear more moderate. He hates that situation and so do some others.
  • Comment on when life gives you lemons - DON'T MAKE LEMONADE (2011-06-29 22:51:23)
    Best character in the game: Hey lady, lady, lady...
  • Comment on cookie cat (2011-06-29 22:36:12)
  • Comment on Portal 2 (2011-06-14 22:25:03)
    Too much space. Wannagohome.Wannagohome.Wannagohome.Wannagohome.Wannagohome.
  • Comment on Lena Headey (2011-04-09 10:55:48)
    She from 300 too.
  • Comment on Garbled video (2011-03-20 23:36:29)
    Possible buffer overflow. Check RAM for Mem I/O issues. User may have a virus that f'd with some of the hardware. It's least likely, but possible due to the extent of the error. Fix MBR, R&R the RAM, or a rebuild may solve the problem.
  • Comment on Dita in clothes (2011-03-11 13:09:09)
    You wouldn't be far off. I saw her at a burlesque club her in L.A. Her thighs are pretty thick, but she is a dancer after all.
  • Comment on Fuck Monument Valley National Park (2011-03-06 22:07:22)
    What decals? That unicorn on the front? AAALLLLLWAYS! Just kidding. Much respect though. I did a Route 66 run in the late 90's but the sciatica prevented me from going further that Chicago.
  • Comment on New York (2011-03-04 16:23:47)
    Probably smells like it too.
  • Comment on a few TWG points to make (2011-03-04 16:14:32)
    Server4you? Why not Amazon EC2 or even SC. Think about putting this thing on the cloud like Netflix
  • Comment on Pretty Young Girl (2011-02-07 02:18:50)
    I feel sorry for the guy. With all that talent (and he does have some) he's going to have a rough time when his star fades and no one wants to see him anymore.
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