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  • Comment on Die Kameltoe (2015-08-23 07:15:38)
    Like a Thai hooker dipped in bleach.
  • Comment on Batgirl 41 Joker Cover (2015-03-25 19:50:22)
    Not entirely: http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/dc-comics-cancels-batgirl-joker-variant-at-artists-request
    ...Abuquerque, the artist of the variant cover, wrote, "Ill talk more about it tomorrow but I was never threatened. just to make it clear." Stewart stated, "Something to clarify, because DCs statement was a little unclear. @rafaalbuquerque did not get threats. People OBJECTING to the cover did."
  • Comment on Batgirl 41 Joker Cover (2015-03-25 19:48:02)
    I bought, read, and appreciated The Killing Joke when you were in short pants. Don't try and duck out of your inability to English. Yeah, it's an homage. So the fuck what? Nothing special about riding someone else's coattails. Answer to your own 2: because I am SANE, and don't let angry people get to me. Especially over something as ridiculous as a not-very-clever comic-book cover.
  • Comment on Batgirl 41 Joker Cover (2015-03-25 14:55:30)
    3. Silence, toady.
  • Comment on Batgirl 41 Joker Cover (2015-03-25 14:55:05)
    1. Only a five-star moron asks for a rebuttal, then dismisses its absence, in the same post. 2. At best it's okay, however derivative; nothing to scream about. But "beautiful"...? Jesus, son, either get some new eyes or unfuck yourself before it's too late. These SJW's have got you torqued up tighter than the nuts on an new bridge.
  • Comment on Top Gear (2015-03-22 08:53:08)
    Hammond: Best Facepalm Reaction --finalist
  • Comment on Matador (2015-03-22 08:50:21)
  • Comment on Nazi Camp (2015-03-22 08:43:18)
    Also, you're black.
  • Comment on Batgirl 41 Joker Cover (2015-03-21 16:55:00)
    If you think there's anything "beautiful" about this cover, you've got serious issues.
  • Comment on Tailgate tutu (2015-03-04 13:56:44)
  • Comment on Nantucket slushie (2015-03-04 13:49:39)
  • Comment on RIP Leonard Nimoy (2015-03-01 09:45:11)
    You da man, teek :D
  • Comment on RIP Leonard Nimoy (2015-02-27 22:24:08)
    ^^Are image tags busted...?!
  • Comment on RIP Leonard Nimoy (2015-02-27 22:23:08)
    Philip K. Dick on Nimoy: [img]http://picturehoster.info/images/89913329880487573161.png[/img]
  • Comment on real life vs tumblr (2015-02-09 17:07:08)
    Some great porn over there.
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