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Currently at Purdue University. Major: Chemistry / Minor: Physics. I don't recommend it...


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  • Comment on curiosity on the martian surface (2012-08-11 15:04:45)
    I'm pretty sure that's Venera 13, the Soviet lander sent to Venus in the 80's.
  • Comment on 7 Minutes of Terror (on Mars) (2012-08-08 22:50:49)
    The speed of sound on Mars (no only due to its lower atmospheric pressure but also the average temperature and a few other factors) is around 240 meters/sec. (or 540 miles/hr.) versus on Earth where it's 760.5 miles/hr.
  • Comment on Helium bomb explosion (2012-07-31 23:28:56)
    A helium bomb would be kinda useless. Fusion of hydrogen to helium-4 (a multistage process) releases about 25 MeV of energy, while fusion of helium-4 to carbon-12 (with a pit stop at beryllium-8) only releases something like 7 MeV. The bigger the nuclei that fuse, the greater decrease in energy up to iron, the most stable nucleus.
  • Comment on Algebra IRL (2012-07-19 21:45:28)
    I use it a lot actually. In physical chemistry, you need to do these kinds of partials to know how to relate different aspects of gasses, like how its entropy relates to its pressure and such. They also come into play when you deal with quantum mechanics.
  • Comment on Party funnel guy (2012-01-30 15:57:27)
    Done it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohYscB0ulSo&context=C35fbe77ADOEgsToPDskKbGE7oBZL2FxlHCdetRiGF
  • Comment on Engineering (2011-09-23 15:47:07)
    More like Engi-Queer-ing. Haha. Get it? Cause engineers stay inside and do math! Unless they're nuclear engineers...cause they stay inside and play with neutrons and shit.
  • Comment on Why is driving the length of California is ridiculously expensive... (2011-07-16 14:33:24)
    Really? In my town in NJ average gas prices are around $3.49. And I though that was way low.
  • Comment on Detroit (2011-07-14 02:05:05)
    Reminded me of King of the Hill until I read "Detroit"
  • Comment on Which one are you on here? (2011-06-19 02:57:47)
    Good for you, brother. Half way through my red in Chemistry. What university did you go to?
  • Comment on rebecca black friday physics (2011-05-15 00:05:36)
    Fuck I always hated physics clicker questions, especially when I was taking electricity and optics. They'd always ask questions that take a whole sheet of paper to answer, with less than a minute to do so.
  • Comment on disney logo debate (2011-04-25 14:47:26)
    The "Y" looks exactly like lowercase phi
  • Comment on Facebook to Japan: Payback (2011-03-23 08:49:43)
    Plus you have to remember the audience we're looking at here, its Facebook users. The majority of them are, by far, the least intelligent group of individuals surfing the internet to date, so I would expect this kind of retardation from them.
  • Comment on My rig (2011-02-07 00:16:25)
    You might have some conflicting air circulation patterns, especially when that case is closed up. I only say this because we're covering this in my fluid dynamics class right now.
  • Comment on my new car (2010-12-30 20:49:06)
    Amen brother
  • Comment on HA! (2010-12-09 15:06:08)
    Force is not a cross product...derp
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