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Live in England. Proud of it. 'bout it.


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  • Comment on Great Britain - Greater (2008-08-07 10:56:34)
    Children, Children, please! Stop with the fighting, and cock waving competition. I'm English, and i can see the flaws in my own country. I do not like that fact that we still have an aristocracy, full of inbred, biggoted morons. However, I am also very proud to live here, in a country with it's wealth of history, literature and social uniqueness. I am soon going to be going to one of the best Univeristies in the country, to learn from some brilliant professors in the field of Biochemistry. I can do that because the government of this country pays for nearly all of my fees and costs. This country takes care of everyone, makes sure everyone is treated well. From what i've seen of the USA, money is all important and all consuming. That's why i would much rather live here, rather than the US. Also, we had a gaint Empire, and eventually, we'll have one again. The USA will be just anouther territory. BWHAHAHAHA!
  • Comment on air craft carriers (2008-07-05 07:11:03)
    Is this in response to the fact that the UK has ordered the construction of some new Aircraft carriers? Because they're going to be sweeeeeeet!
  • Comment on The US pays pittance for Gas (2008-05-28 04:03:31)
    I think this is quite relevant, even if it is outdated, becuase currently some of the motorways in England are blocked off by Lorry Drivers who are protesting against the crazy price of petrol. It is true Sansbutt, our government does tax us to hell, and that's basicly why we have such high fuel prices. I mean, the British have a fucking Oil field off it's north shore which provides more than enough petrol for all of us. We're currently paying £1.30 a litre (that's $2.57 in your puwny do-wars). It's fucking ridiculous.
  • Comment on The Liver (2008-04-21 08:08:08)
  • Comment on Avril Lavine (2008-03-10 08:15:36)
    I've always been captured with girls who have gorgous eyes, and she takes the biscuit. I'd do everything to her, and sleep happy that night. ....but then i'd do anything to anything with a I'm probably not a good judge.
  • Comment on arnold schwarzenegger's suit and cigar (2008-03-07 10:44:40)
    He'd make a better monarch than our current queen. No one would Fuck with us for one thing.
  • Comment on The Duck Tree (2008-03-07 10:40:22)
    I can't tell whether this really really awesome or really really sad. Either way, i have to question how so many characters can come into existance, or even be concieved? The people who make the donald Duck series should think of slowing down a bit... :P
  • Comment on Trench Warfare (2008-02-05 08:21:01)
    This is now complete proof that cats have a well organised bird-hunting camp where they are trained in stalking and other ninja skills. Be afraid
  • Comment on Companion Cube Case Mod (2008-01-26 05:35:16)
    DO WANT! Where can i buy one? I'll give a kidney!
  • Comment on Leonardo Caprio In Doorway (2008-01-24 05:43:28)
    I concure with chaingunner. His face physically makes me want to punch him till he stops twitching. Almost as bas as Tom Cruise....almost.
  • Comment on Finland's Winter War (2008-01-01 11:28:47)
    I always thought they'd be tough bastards in battle. They are decended from the Vikings after all. Would not mess with any of them.
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