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  • Comment on batman and joker share a laugh (2011-10-23 13:45:02)
    Some of the monologues from The Killing Joke. The joke/lead-in to this scene is near the end. For a MUCH better reading of the "One bad day" monologue, watch the 3D one that shows up in related videos. Sounds exactly like Mark Hamill's joker.
  • Comment on 1966 Chaparral (2011-10-05 00:13:47)
    All of the remaining Chaparral cars are on display at the Petroleum Museum in Midland, TX. Jim Hall was from here and helped design and build these. This one is the 2E. Worth stopping by if you happen to be driving down Interstate 20 in the area.
  • Comment on Propaganda for your civil rights (2011-02-03 16:48:03)
    Back then, the average citizen could afford to arm themselves with a rifle (or long gun prior to rifling technology), and it had uses beyond defending one's own person and property, such as hunting. Not everyone could just afford to go out and buy a cannon, or hire a standing personal army (only equivalent destructive force to a cruise missle I can think of), nor would it make much sense to. If you could afford to just march right out and buy a tank/missile/nuke, and could expressly justify the need for defending your person and property with them, then your opinion would probably be different on your right to own them. I mean, maybe you could pick up girls with the tank, the rest wouldn't do much to deter a home invasion.
  • Comment on Which gun should I buy? (2010-08-23 08:41:56)
    Between the 2, I'd go with the XD. I have several friends that swear by this gun and I've found it very comfortable to shoot. As for caliber, as many others here have mentioned it depends on use and preference. I went middle ground with a .40. When I bought mine I researched for about a month and narrowed it down to the Springfield XD and the IMI Baby Desert Eagle (sometimes called a Jericho). In the end I went with the Eagle and the same friends who swore by the XD have threatened to run away with said gun after putting a clip or two through it. Do not go with a Glock if this is your first handgun. They skimp on safety features for "ease of use" and should be avoided if you are not yet well versed in handgun safety.
  • Comment on How to Train Your Dragon (2010-03-04 15:24:26)
    Yes, that one. I was too lazy to link it.
  • Comment on How to Train Your Dragon (2010-03-04 09:37:48)
    They're both making the face... It's just creepy now :(
  • Comment on scary steve urkel (2010-02-02 00:08:32)
    The artist is Alex Pardee; Here's a neat vid of the creative process:
  • Comment on Best Beer? (2009-08-20 16:48:22)
    I dig me some Arrogant Bastard, but no matter how hard I try I can't be good enough for this beer :( Oh, and Flying Dog In-heat Wheat Hefeweizen. Actually, pretty much anything from Flying Dog, the fresher the better.
  • Comment on Who Would Win? (2009-08-05 16:43:10)
    Suddenly, the Lexx appears in this particular portion of space. A large capitol ship and a much smaller, sleeker ship are about to engage each other over a small planet. Lexx: "I'm very hungry, Stan." Stanley Tweedle: "What about that planet over there, Lexx? Will that work?" Lexx: "Yes, Stan." Stanley Tweedle: "Well go ahead and blow it up, you can eat on the run. Wait, what about those ships over there?" Lexx: "Too late, Stan." Massive energy forms across the eyes of the Lexx, reaches the focal point, and fires. The energy wave completely engulfs both ships as it races towards its target. The Lexx feasts on select bits of organic matter from the planet, as well as from the remains of the almost unnoticed ships, and continues on its way.
  • Comment on almost hidden kitten (2009-06-10 08:11:44)
    "I am G'mork. And you, whoever you are, can have the honor of being my last victim."
  • Comment on Summer Glau - Cute Smirk (2009-05-15 12:13:51)
    She's on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles currently... But also played River Tam on Firefly.
  • Comment on PSE TAC-15, Tactical Assault Crossbow (2009-05-05 08:14:09)
  • Comment on The REAL Deadpool (2009-03-13 12:46:28)
    No, IMDB is about as accurate as Wiki... Nobody knows for sure right now. It also lists completely different actors for Deadpool and Weapon XI, possibly a Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno sort of thing. But for all our sakes, yes, I hope you're right and they didn't throw Deadpool and the Baraka-thing a blender.
  • Comment on The REAL Deadpool (2009-03-13 12:05:57)
    You... Do realize you just posted the same link I did, right?
  • Comment on The REAL Deadpool (2009-03-13 12:00:03)
    Oh yes, because MTV is the most credible source of movie news around... Far bigger retards than you and I have been arguing about this for months. Nobody gets to know for sure for a few weeks, and you can be damn sure they're gonna try to keep it from leaking. Until then, you can just continue dreaming about your feat of public defecation.
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