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  • Comment on is you good at halo3? (2009-05-29 09:17:49)
    LOL he means First Person Shooter... and no they aren't all fail. but it can be hard to get used to using two joysticks rather than a mouse and WASD
  • Comment on is you good at halo3? (2009-05-29 01:02:44)
    erm, actually a ton of the achieves from the original 1000 need to be in ranked FFA. off the top of my head: stepin razor two for one lazer triple kill over kill killing frenzy bunch of sticks (like 5) -- something memorial maybe next time buddy (re-hijack vehicle) almost 100% sure all of those require ranked FFA to get... and that glitch someone mentioned - we all just change or languages to someting random (swahili) then search in lone wolves for 'people with my language'... but we still have to be within 10 ranks of each other
  • Comment on is you good at halo3? (2009-05-28 19:09:57)
    ill play tiki! (flammmy, 3 m's, sending friend request right now) what ya need? (i need annual + that damn 2 for one lazer)
  • Comment on My Pet Kitty - Leelee (2008-11-02 15:46:49)
    it looks weird because your light filter is set on something other than 'automatic' or 'inside' - mostly it is set on 'outside' when taking pictures where there are florescent bulbs and little to no natural light, have it set on 'inside' or 'auto'
  • Comment on XBOX RRoD Jack O' Latern (2008-10-24 14:51:33)
    my advice on where to buy your xbox 360: Costco. if you, your parents, or a friend, has a membership, go buy a 360 there. my local store always has the pro in stock as well as a small selection on recent games. the best part is their return policy: any reason, any time. for some reason they dont count the 360 with the rest of their electronics that have a 90 day return... recently i returned my 20 gig pro because the cable wasn't playing any sound... they gave me full money back (i chose store credit), even though the 360 had been discounted sense i bought mine. i used that money and went into the store and bought a brand new 60 gig, same price 8 months after i got my original one... free upgrade. <3 costco
  • Comment on sheep skull (2008-10-21 16:07:08)
    shitty-ass photoshop? look around the nose, you can see the black going onto the grass... NVM about photoshop. thats all MS paint...
  • Comment on Making yoru parents think your brother is gay- priceless (2008-09-10 16:35:42)
    this is a image from postsecret.blogspot.com, which is a cool community art project which posts new secrets every Sunday. you can main in your own secrets and they might be posted like this one... oh yea, yoru/your
  • Comment on stawars red dudes (2008-04-19 06:49:38)
    in the middle of different parking garages? ... anyway, the storm troopers only ride those *forget name* things on tatooine... not in any city... sheesh. :P
  • Comment on Dancing Boobies (2008-04-18 10:11:24)
    blue footed boobies :D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue-footed_Booby fo sho
  • Comment on MGM-118A Peacekeeper nuclear missile (2008-04-17 16:55:59)
    @MalcoveMagnesia the way ALL of the panels are coming off perfectly, i'd say they are meant to be falling off...
  • Comment on MGM-118A Peacekeeper nuclear missile (2008-04-17 12:28:16)
    "peace keeper nuclear missile" always makes me laugh at the irony...
  • Comment on How your UPS packages are delivered (2008-03-23 15:59:39)
    reminds me of exactly how miniature railroad cars came in boxes when i bought them....
  • Comment on German Tank (2008-03-17 23:29:06)
    ^^ agreed. not that the British made very many of theirs ether... anyway, that model does NOT look like them... i'v got this book with pictures of shit like that and that is a FAIL replica note: incase you didn't know, thats from late world war 1
  • Comment on Lemur Shock! (2008-03-11 14:51:39)
    HOLY SHIT IT'S A LION!!11!one!1!
  • Comment on Watchmen - Comedian (2008-03-07 22:47:34)
    NoobTube FTW?
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