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  • Comment on How conservatives view homosexuals (2012-01-10 22:10:52)
    So gays are like prions?
  • Comment on well armed woman (2011-10-13 21:34:59)
    I'm sure modern fabrics are warmer, but I want her coat.
  • Comment on boobies 101 (2011-10-12 22:37:13)
    B) Circumference, damnit.
  • Comment on boobies 101 (2011-10-12 22:35:06)
    A) Repost B) The number in bra size is the diameter of the chest cavity, it says nothing about boob size. C) "They are saggy" is more about a poor fitting bra than sagginess. Credentials: I have boobies.
  • Comment on Weeping Angels (2011-05-17 21:32:18)
    Ah shit! Quit blinking!
  • Comment on Atheism (2011-05-10 00:20:46)
    You know what? I'm glad there isn't some sky-father imposing some patriarchal stupid-ass meaning on my life. The purpose of my life is what ever the hell I want it to be. Atheism, Fuck Yeah.
  • Comment on My ride (2011-04-01 14:36:35)
    Holy crap, were you in there?
  • Comment on When hot chicks turn fat (2011-03-12 08:55:03)
    This just in! Casemods anorexic little person, afraid of normals! "I don't like girls bigger than me."
  • Comment on Weird plant I photographed in NC (2011-02-18 22:25:36)
    A friend told me that he was going to tell his future children that those things are porcupine eggs and that one day they would all hatch and we would be up to our knees in baby porcupines. Makes sense.
  • Comment on Wisdom Teeth Extraction (2011-01-18 16:37:46)
    They're gonna give you a weird curvy syringe thing for cleaning out the hole, use it. I didn't and got a nasty tonsil infection.
  • Comment on happy rioter kids (2010-12-18 16:47:18)
    I wish my childhood was this magical.
  • Comment on awesome kid: labyrinth (2010-12-12 19:03:19)
    Who do?
  • Comment on Monsters (2010-12-07 18:45:23)
    Her problems aren't as dark, but are much slimier looking. Maybe slimy problems are easier to deal with?
  • Comment on Why Men Can't Be Sluts (2010-08-22 09:12:56)
    Any time I see the phrase "Nice Guy" warning lights go off in my head. Pair it with some hetero "all women/men are like this" presumptions, and the gauges start spinning. I'm gonna have to call a full Sexually-Frustrated-Western-Male-Bullshit alert on this one.
  • Comment on Inception (2010-07-30 15:12:59)
    This is pretty dumb, but I really enjoyed how Arthur got Ariadne to kiss him, as if that would convince Fischer's subconscious that they were not intruders.
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