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  • Comment on Massive Tank (2008-12-21 13:29:54)
    the largest tank ever designed, but never built was a German tank called Ratte, that's my last name, it means Rat
  • Comment on Colorful Straws (2008-12-18 01:02:43)
    a series of tubes
    Christmas got started because Siberian Shamans were drinking Reindeer urine. Urine is the only sanitory liquid in the human body. Urine is made of the exact mineral and electrolytes your body needs. It's a personal chemistry set.
  • Comment on no sex - no aids (2008-12-13 20:51:28)
    HIV is totally unrelated to AIDS AIDS comes in two forms, both are covert biowarfe agents meant to target homosexuals in America and Blacks in Africa for eugencis. The African strain aparently effects men and women alike. While the American version mostly effects men. Both are most likely contracted from immuniztions and vacinations or the treatment for those diagnosed with AIDS. The guy who just happen to discover HIV said it's the cause of cancer, but it wasn't and then he said it's the cause of AIDS and people believe him. Reminds me of the time the Zionists said in WWI the Germans killed six million Jews by fire, but were caught lying and quickly recanted their accusation. Then in WWII when the Zionist claimed the Germans killed 6 millions Jews by fire so many of people believed them. And that children is how you troll 3=>
  • Comment on i get totally drunk - what's your hobby (2008-12-08 05:26:49)
    two joints
  • Comment on Obama is concerned (2008-12-06 20:10:33)
    being sirius
  • Comment on Jacque Fresco (2008-12-02 17:38:17)
    His heart is in the right place but unfortunetly Jacque is an "old bum fucktard"
  • Comment on We didn't think there would be a second season. (2008-11-28 02:32:12)
    they said "New World Order" in one of the last episodes
  • Comment on Ying yang Egg (2008-11-19 16:06:42)
    your brain on drugs
  • Comment on Counting Bodies like Sheep (2008-11-04 17:46:54)
    thelotuseater725 lay your head down child
  • Comment on Saturn Devouring His Sons (2008-10-25 17:15:25)
    Saturn is the planet the Jews worship knowingly or not and Jupiter is the planet named after them, how fitting for the Roman mythological story portrayed by Goya. Sounds like they knew who was behind the Wars. Saturn is the planet associated with blood-lust after all.
  • Comment on Ginormous Ferris Wheels (2008-10-23 17:55:40)
    the Ferris Wheel is the Eye of the Illuminati, there is some sort of effect they achieve and notice where they are going power nodes of the future
  • Comment on Do a Barrel Roll! (2008-10-17 18:09:22)
    The Rabbit Hole and the Psychnaut "barrel roll" is a helix, DNA, Caduceus, Kundalini
  • Comment on Cat Bike (2008-10-14 21:20:35)
    it's not a warthog
  • Comment on Victorious Cow (2008-10-10 23:05:42)
    Was this bull being attacked by the photographer's pit bulls? That's sick and deserves jail time.
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