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Name is Eugenius, not sure if that’s my real name but it was on the tattered remains of a shirt I was wearing when I woke up. I don’t know how old I am or where I’m from I just woke up one night looking like I had crashed into a music warehouse. No plane, no car just my body plummeted through the roof. At least that’s what it looked and felt like when I woke up. I made this album in that warehouse. I can’t tell you my influences. My music is just an eclectic combination of sounds that I was feeling. Surrealism, anger confusion these were the emotions running through me and I released them in my music. I couldn’t tell you if the songs are about things I’ve done or things I WANT to do but what I do know is I want it to be HEARD and SEEN. Someone has to know me someone has to experienced life with me and this music is my way of reaching out letting people know I’m here and ALIVE. My music is not R&B its not rap its not any ONE genre that you can think of rather is the compilation of many genre’s combined to express the ME that woke up – they are just EUGENIUS.


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