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  • Comment on Why do you need a gun? (2014-08-19 16:12:02)
    Is the contention, then, that she should have been sitting there with the gun in her lap while she watched TV? Are we advocating carrying IN the house? And when that starts, do we start building houses without windows, to prevent the would be thief from shooting BEFORE entering, or do we simply stand guard at all the windows instead of watching TV. Actually, maybe I'm behind that one. Then the ratings couldn't support the continued existence of Duck Dynasty. Shit, did I just argue in favor of paranoia?
  • Comment on premassage (2014-06-19 19:11:16)
    Just the best set. Those cheap plants. That hasty painted blue accent wall. I know exactly what I'm getting every time. Magical.
  • Comment on dinkage (2014-06-13 16:55:18)
    And not see the internet completely lose their shit over the change to the character.
  • Comment on No more anonymous commenting (2014-06-09 13:46:29)
    How does one change one's avatar/image/thingy?
  • Comment on Balance (2014-05-27 12:28:20)
    He made it all the way without eating shit? Doesn't he know this is the internet?
  • Comment on Dance (2014-05-15 21:06:16)
    No. It sucks to sell paper clips and mining supplies. It sucks to be a roofer in July. It sucks to pack brake parts on a production line. That dude's worst day is when they mess up his coffee order at lunch. He's doing absolutely ok.
  • Comment on Selfie (2014-05-14 18:39:13)
    Cute chick with birthing hips, and the internet be all "ugh". To hell with you people. Two things come to mind. 1: She's darling. I mean, honey, cut the shit with the duckface and the selfie, but she's cute. 2: They all look the same in the dark. Pay no attention to these barbarians, cute-chick-in-small-top-and-medium-bottoms. Sir Mix A Lot will always love you.
  • Comment on Alaskan mascara (2013-10-23 11:39:04)
  • Comment on Those Crazy Christians (2013-10-09 12:05:37)
    I like to think that too. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of other people who like to think that said metaphor is worth killing and oppressing people over. Still others would decry you a heathen and threaten or harm you for reducing their metaphor to a metaphor.
  • Comment on If Breaking Bad was set in Canada it would have ended a long time ago (2013-10-09 11:55:08)
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Health_Organization_ranking_of_health_systems Some day you will be 29, Number 38.
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