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  • Comment on Kim Cattrall in Porky's (2011-10-02 15:07:37)
    The reaction by the Coach was the best part as he just completely lost it.
  • Comment on Kim Cattrall in Porky's (2011-10-02 06:45:06)
    Bullshit. She was Lassie!
  • Comment on the internet may now be shut off (2011-09-06 14:02:00)
    Look at me, now look at him, now look at your panties... they're wet. Look at me, now look at him, now look... you're not wearing panties. Look at me, now look at him, now look at your stomach... you're pregnant. Look at me, now look at him, now look at the most interesting and best smelling baby in the world.
  • Comment on Rita Hayworth (2011-08-26 14:32:05)
    Ladies like that have always been rare, and today even more so.
  • Comment on yoda (2011-07-19 03:16:53)
    Anderson is a hack, so if it's crap, it's him. Stackpole did the awesome X-Wing books.
  • Comment on Amy pond (2011-06-11 08:12:51)
    It's posts like this that are the reason I go off-line when the show starts and only reemerge to download the episode... then gloat, mock and taunt those who only get to watch it on BBC America.
  • Comment on Amy pond (2011-06-11 08:10:32)
    Remember, it's all out of order for her and the Doctor both. She didn't know she killed him because she hadn't killed him yet and left it out of the book (assuming the book also has her future and isn't just her past that she uses to sync up where she is with the Doctor) so she'd be surprised when she saw him killed to preserve the perceived timeline. Same as how the Doctor, now knowing he's to die has to preserve the perception of his demise so that the timey wimey wibbly wobbly thing doesn't come undone.
  • Comment on Sexy librarian (2011-06-09 22:42:30)
    Catch her in the rye?
  • Comment on Sexy librarian (2011-06-04 15:53:49)
    I'd like to check her out.
  • Comment on I see hooo (2011-06-04 15:53:28)
    The owls are not what they seem.
  • Comment on superman hates america (2011-05-30 02:43:25)
    Captain America once dropped the suit and shield and changed his name (Nomad) because of American policies and who was in office. And he was named for the country!
  • Comment on she-hulk at the beach (2011-05-30 02:33:16)
    Man, I miss the Marvel Illustrated/Swim Suit issues.
  • Comment on canyon (2011-05-25 02:36:58)
    Exactly. Only amateurs bury hookers, those with experience know to just dump them.
  • Comment on doctor hoo (2011-05-22 22:19:33)
    I need this wallpaper size, badly. Also, gratuitous: The owls are not what they seem.
  • Comment on World record attempt (2011-05-21 16:45:09)
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