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  • Comment on Race Mixing Is Communism (2009-09-08 19:26:17)
    Wow. Not a single one of those items (with the possible exception of #6) is a fair or accurate statement. Congratulations. You win the prize.
  • Comment on Natural Born Killers Movie Poster (2008-11-12 18:37:32)
    One of the worst movies I've ever seen. It came out when I was in high school and all the little goth kids loved it. Of course, they'll love anything they view as "edgy" or conspicuously non-conformist. (Kinda like the punks who shop at the mall.) I saw it with some friends, opening weekend, and got into an argument with one girl who thought it was the "best! movie! ever!"
  • Comment on Bill Ayers (2008-09-27 13:20:57)
    Bill Ayers is voting for Obama. So? George Bush is voting for McCain.
  • Comment on Illegal Immigrants (2008-09-21 19:44:17)
    I see that sign as an offer of a little bit of perspective rather than trying to make some kind of definitive statement. And all you "speak English" people can fuck directly off. My grandparents came over in the 40's; snuck their way through Nazi Germany to get here. They worked their asses off from day one, doing jobs douchenozzles like you wouldn't think of doing. It took them years to learn to speak English conversationally. My grandfather still spoke English with a thick Ukrainian accent right up until he passed away...last year. IMO, they are more American than most of the cracker elite put together.
  • Comment on Revolutions (2008-09-20 15:39:04)
    There's a few StPaul/Minneapolis cops I wouldn't mind having a little chat with...
  • Comment on Obama 2008 (2008-09-20 15:38:16)
    @gudis Not true. Obama is a Constitutional Law scholar. As such, he respects the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. Know as much as you think you know about Obama you do not. / Yoda
  • Comment on My Hero (2008-09-18 23:16:30)
    I don't get it. The guy in the red doesn't look anything like McPOW...
  • Comment on Obama sends the love (2008-09-10 19:17:36)
    Looks more like they're exchanging looks of surprise because Palin just said something irretrievably stupid. Like, "Holy shit, are you hearing this?"
  • Comment on sad cartoon turtle - sometimes you just stand out (2008-09-10 00:01:06)
    I don't get it. Who stands out? The ugly blond in the middle?
  • Comment on This is what Christian actually believe (2008-09-06 13:03:57)
    Muslims believe this too. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are branches of the same tree. They all worship the same god, the "God of Abraham." They are all WAY more alike than most people realize. You gotta admit though, the Noah story isn't any sillier than the Scientologists' Xenu story.
  • Comment on Obama Smiling (2008-08-29 17:41:01)
    Made of win.
  • Comment on Obama with Dog in front of Lincoln Memorial (2008-08-23 15:35:10)
    Shopped. And more than a little silly.
  • Comment on Megan McCain (2008-08-12 21:35:36)
    I wonder which of her eight houses she's sitting in in that pic.
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