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  • Comment on Whatever happened to the subtlety of classic trek? (2022-05-22 15:18:39)
    I hope someone punches Jeremy Hambly in the face at a convention again, because he clearly didn't get the message the first time.
  • Comment on time clock fraud (2021-09-16 23:20:40)
    Wow, in the US that sign is illegal. Besides whoever posted this being a piece of shit, this is a great way to bankrupt a business when they're forced to send backpay to all of their employees for the length of time that sign was up. Shout out to the scumbags at ClientLogic, my friends liked the fat checks.
  • Comment on Masks to Breath More Better At Night During Sleep (2021-08-31 23:53:09)
    Some folks use homemade cloth covers for the tube because it sometimes rubs and makes weird noises that wake them up. Maybe that would work?
  • Comment on Dune Arrakeen Guard by Mark Molnar (2021-08-28 23:01:00)
    Mark is a fantastic artist. I love his work on the Eclipse Phase RPG. https://www.artstation.com/markmolnar
  • Comment on Masks to Breath More Better At Night During Sleep (2021-08-28 22:49:44)
    Sup dude! Been a long time. I got my first CPAP around the time we were all still playing the OG Guild Wars. I use the nasal mask, and I also have a deviated septum. It took me years to figure this out, but what works for me is 1. making sure the CPAP machine is right next to my bed so there's plenty of slack in the tube so if I roll over I don't drag the machine off the night stand 2. getting a headstrap with a clip on top where I can secure the tube so it's out of my way. I sleep on my side and flip sides throughout the night. Also let your sleep specialist know that due to your deviated septum you're having one nostril close up, or your seal is breaking, or whatever is happening. They might adjust your pressure or your mask. My doc ended up increasing my pressure, my ramp time, and my humidity - what happened to me was my ramp time was too low and the immediate high pressure and dry air made my sinuses swell and restricted my airway. After the changes, I breathe great when I sleep.
  • Comment on social distance zapper (2021-04-24 19:13:09)
    I need this.
  • Comment on Papers Please (2021-03-29 00:10:17)
    I operate a retail store in NY. This is great. Any private business can download and use this.
  • Comment on make racism wrong again (2019-03-08 18:23:06)
    Excuse me while I don't value commentary on racism from someone with the username 'blitzkrieg'.
  • Comment on spider-girl (2010-09-11 22:40:03)
    I... like your comment. What the fuck just happened?
  • Comment on Remember (2010-09-11 22:30:54)
    You would get a like from me for that status, bro-monkey. And yeah, I just learned that it's better to just not reply to Maggie, it's a waste of your time.
  • Comment on warmth (2010-09-10 17:58:20)
    What is this? I don't even...
  • Comment on sister kiss (2010-09-10 17:48:48)
  • Comment on democrats vs republicans - shocker (2010-09-09 16:25:45)
    And they don't wait until they're inside to start the punching motion...
  • Comment on warmth (2010-09-09 16:22:16)
    My moo?
  • Comment on palin mccain (2010-09-07 11:35:55)
    Holy cow on a bun, you're a Birther? I guess you're getting what you probably want, I'm not even going to bother responding to you anymore because apparently logic doesn't get through your tin foil hat.
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