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  • Comment on I was an awesome child (2009-05-06 02:35:21)
    Yes, I do indeed have a huge head. Although in my defence most of that is my outlandishly huge 80s hair.
  • Comment on Take that, God! (2009-03-11 16:08:23)
    Appropriately for the post, I suggest you try Demonoid.
  • Comment on More Deadpool Movie WTF (2009-03-05 08:13:52)
    Stand down! As far as I can tell, that's not deadpool. That scarred chappy appears to be a different mutant altogether - possibly one with rouge like powers who stole Cyclop's power? Anyway - There's no way they'll ever show a deadpool even half as awesome as he is in the comics - it would alienate too many casuals. The only thing that gives me hope is that Ryan Reynolds is a massive fan.
  • Comment on Sad Sheep Painting (2008-10-23 04:22:40)
    When I was young, I was out walking near a farm in Devon and came across a dead lamb. It had got stuck in some deep mud near the edge of the field, and probably drowned - only half of it's head was visible. Just as I walked past, a huge arse crow plucked one of it's eyeballs out. The sound of it coming out has completely stayed with me all these years; one of those really vivid memories that comes back to you at 4am when you can't sleep.
  • Comment on Autumn Wallpapers (2008-10-23 04:07:30)
    Man, I freaking love Autumn, and those pictures remind me why :)
  • Comment on Falling Ice (2008-10-15 04:01:04)
    Yeh, you're right. I'm just jealous - I've never done anything even slightly that awesome :(
  • Comment on Practical Vehicle Protection (2008-07-24 03:43:04)
    Whilst I agree with the spirit of that article, and certainly am against all things gunnish, it's important to note that drawing direct correlations such as those in this article can be misleading. For example, you would probably find that a high proportion of "protection" gun owners live in areas with a low quality of life index. This would account for the high level of crime that might have inspired them to buy a gun. But such areas might also have a higher incidence of suicide, mental illness and all other kinds of things that could cause the effects these studies have seen. Obviously, I've got no data to back this up, but worth bearing in mind.
  • Comment on Armed Vs Disarmed (2008-07-16 17:06:13)
    Regardless of the wrongs and rights of owning a gun, does anyone else feel that excessive interest in guns is a bit like wearing a giant sign that says "I'm slightly inadequate"? It's beaten only by owning a giant, penis shaped car.....
  • Comment on happy bruce willis (2008-07-07 03:38:45)
    All true storminator, but you have to admit, his version of "Under the boardwalk" was genius.
  • Comment on brokeback couple (2008-07-03 17:29:04)
    It's not wrong, it makes you secretly a bit gay is all.
  • Comment on Finally equal (2008-06-24 07:24:10)
    *shakes head slowly* Cretin. Go Sulu! I love this guy. Did anyone else think he was the best of the bunch in that Fururama episode... "What makes you think I know Kar-ra-te?"
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