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  • Comment on Gaga Tattoo (2010-10-28 01:44:57)
    cuz you went to skool and learnt about homosexuals? that's my guess anyway.
  • Comment on Holy Fuck (2010-10-28 01:42:06)
  • Comment on Holy Fuck (2010-10-27 20:07:16)
    even though it is clearly a flyer for a venue that i've seen bands at before, it didn't occur to me at that moment that any of the three were actually bands and i was like wow wtf!
  • Comment on Holy Fuck (2010-10-27 20:05:53)
    haha yes its in st. louis on cherokee street.
  • Comment on Gaga Tattoo (2010-10-27 20:02:57)
    i do, its awesome. the pic could have def been better quality but it looks great in person.
  • Comment on twisted fingers (2010-10-27 00:44:37)
    wow those are crazy fingers! cool!
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