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  • Comment on equality to a conservative vs liberal (2016-10-10 20:51:51)
    Proper leftists smash the fence.
  • Comment on Thank An Officer (2016-07-25 06:43:44)
    Just a reminder that garbage collectors have more than twice the rate of on-the-job fatalities, non-homicide deaths included. And people care when they go on strike.
  • Comment on everything we feared about communism (2015-10-06 05:34:39)
    An economy is like a garden: Capitalism is sitting back and watching nature take its course. If the weeds win, it's because they deserved it. Communism is tearing everything up and putting in plastic flowers. Socialism is actually doing your job and taking care of the things you want to grow. Anarcho-syndicalism is putting in something like pachysandra that will take care of itself without human effort. Nihilism is like a rock garden. Personally, I prefer socialism, and I think that most of the criticisms of it are like saying "looks like you're not such a good gardener after all" when everything dies in the autumn.
  • Comment on cera and wong (2010-11-21 21:31:08)
    I saw this movie finally last night. It was ass. If I wanted to see a movie that forgoes all elements of an original plot and a well-told story in favor of self-indulgent visual effects, I would have watched Avatar (you can decide for yourself which one).
  • Comment on Online Atheist (2010-04-09 19:52:31)
    As an atheist, I can say that theamazingatheist makes us look about as bad as Fred Phelps makes Christians look.
  • Comment on Funny Anime Subtitles (2010-02-26 20:17:48)
    What ever happened to "people die when they are killed?"
  • Comment on bad good excellent (2010-02-07 21:07:14)
  • Comment on rawr means I love you (2009-11-15 11:18:34)
    I disagree. In this video: the true face of dinosaur love.
  • Comment on Sushi Dinner (2009-11-09 01:45:43)
    I love Japan period!
  • Comment on pool room (2009-11-09 01:42:57)
    Just think of the insurance money if the television accidentally fell into the pool while your spouse takes a swim...
  • Comment on Where The Wild Things Are Movie (2009-10-03 01:18:12)
    The book was average at best. Truly overrated. The movie is guaranteed to be a success, simply because people will feel compelled to watch it. These same people will also describe the intricacies of the emperor's suit of clothes. Also it has Dave Eggers. In conclusion, I'm going to execute Operation Kino when it premieres. A holocaust of hipsters.
  • Comment on The Man at Burning Man (2009-09-21 13:08:42)
    Needs moar killing Nicolas cage.
  • Comment on Metal (2009-09-05 14:57:45)
    So we've got costumes for the medieval version of Austin Powers, the Nintendo Powerglove, a sniper sword and Miss Steam 2009. No idea what s up with the boots.
  • Comment on Pistol Bayonette (2009-08-23 11:12:11)
    ITT: gun enthusiasts who play too much Final Fantasy.
  • Comment on The Fast Food Mafia (2009-08-16 01:15:44)
    Ron the Don as played by Tim Curry?
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