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  • Comment on Vote (2016-07-03 22:51:36)
    I'm voting for Gary Johnson.
  • Comment on Emperor Trump and America (2016-03-01 14:00:31)
    Good thing there is no real estate outside of America. Oh wait, he's got some with those Muslims he says he hates
  • Comment on Which came first? (2015-07-14 16:10:02)
    This would also mean that the first chickens were another species eggs. Something very close to, but not quite a chicken.
  • Comment on sad news, and I need your help (2013-01-22 03:29:42)
    My Condolences Tiki, losing loved ones is always difficult.
  • Comment on The Demon No. 9 (2012-12-08 06:07:18)
    MCS Faces
  • Comment on Chuck Norris vs. chainsaw (2012-12-08 06:04:18)
    If some poor kid tried to do this because of this movie, I sure hope his parents sued the tree. If the tree hadn't needed saving from the chain saw, none of this would have happened in the first place.
  • Comment on Warning Flag (2012-12-06 00:36:33)
    This chicks beauty mark is fake. You'll notice it's gone when she's an old maid. If she was being lying about that, what else was she hiding? Maybe she wasn't a virgin at all, and had herpes? Looks like Daniel dodged a bullet. Good on you Daniel, good on you.
  • Comment on Man of Steel Poster (2012-12-04 16:35:34)
    This will always be the best Superman [img][/img] When I look at all the other Superman costumes we've seen in films, I don't see why the director had such a hard time with the costume. [img][/img] If only there were some way to travel though time and bring Christoper Reeve back to play the role again [img][/img] Tiki, why aren't these image embeds working?
  • Comment on Nightwing (2012-11-27 23:00:31)
    I'd rather they went with Bruce Wayne.
  • Comment on Scooby irl (2012-11-27 22:58:04)
    It's called having a dog. Just in jumbo size. If I had the space, I'd get a Dane in a heartbeat. The real problem with Danes is that they are short lived, about 8 years. It can be really tough losing a family member every 8 years.
  • Comment on Skills (2012-11-26 20:27:08)
    Bottom left, Vagina Blowjob. It's like orifice inception.
  • Comment on Ten Rings (2012-11-20 17:59:24)
    He's replying to the OP. @Aquaman: I think OP means different powers then the rings were meant to have by the creators in the movie (if you read OP's whole text, he thinks they are trying to make mini Arc reactors). Lay off the oysters
  • Comment on Ten Rings (2012-11-20 17:54:21)
    Probably the latter since this is Hollywood, but with the origin story being set in Afghanistan and the Ten Rings being mentioned in the first movie as well, Farsi is a good bet.
  • Comment on Inside You (2012-11-20 17:43:22)
    That's pretty scary actually. It'd make for a great Zombie.
  • Comment on Benghazi questions remain unanswered (2012-11-19 07:20:27)
    Democrats have controlled the legislative and executive branches for the last 4 years. Why weren't they increasing security? Why haven't they provided us with single payer health care? Why haven't they closed Gitmo? Why haven't they done the things they promised? The Republican's fucked us, but that can't be the Democrats excuse for doing the same.
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